2 DAY DETOX and CLEANSE WEIGHT LOSS DIET | Recipe ideas & Healthy Grocery Haul



Follow me as I detox and cleanse after a long two weeks of eating everything for the holidays! I wasn’t really trying to lose weight as much as I was trying to debloat and feel better again. This cleanse helps with stubborn belly fat, boosting your metabolism ad helping your digestive system!

NOTE: PHASE 1 I THE EBOOK- You’re not suppose to have oil and salt but I did I this video ( because I’m not really trying to lose so much weight) but for better results, skip the oils and salt!



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** I’m no specialist or professional. This is just what I do, Be sure to listen to your body and do what’s right for you!


Jada Ballestero says:

What is the music in the background?! I NEED TO KNOW ☹️‼️…please(:

Yemima Hutapea says:

Hey! How do you edit your videos? 🙂

Issa Nkayi says:

You’re killing it. I enjoy your health and fitness videos. Your personality is sooooooo refreshing.

someone you might know says:

You find it irritating the toillet room is separated?
Me and my french family we get embarassed and a bit distgusted when there’s a bathroom with a toilet in it :’D

Robert Michon says:

Lovely Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Taparton Complete Cleanse Takeover (just google it)? It is a great one off guide for discovering a really effective health cleanse minus the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy at last got cool results with it.

A says:

im binge watching allll your vids heheheh

Simply Melany says:

almost forgot she lived in japan and when i saw that price total :0

Bangtan Bitch says:

That’s not food that’s what you feed farm animals GRASS

Daniel says:

What is your accent? I feel like you would be so bad if you had a New York or north London accent with a cocky attitude, it would suit your look. But I feel like you’re nerdy and not cocky at all lol.

Kaya Smith says:

What’s the song at 11:21 it’s so beautiful

Aria Day says:

girl you are so beautiful and you have like the best freaking personality. i love all your tips and just feel so proud of you as a person. keep it going honey! you’ll get so far with such a great channel ;P

I am Zoe says:

I watched this video while eating popcorn.

Mandygal says:

I Feel So Motivated After Seeing That Body Of Yours

Amina Ahmed says:

Will this drink actually help with cleaning out the stomach/colon and losing weight?

One Word MONSTA X says:

Wait how do you make the lemon water? Cold or hot?


Mooskie Muskie says:

You could have some type of a food allergy.Gluten is found in a lot of thing that cause bloating and upset stomach or could be milk!

jumping for gold says:

can you do a plant haul?? I LOVE YOUR PLANTS SO SO SO SO SO MUCH

RinnyFresh says:

I’ve been struggling with trying to find the motivation to reboot my healthy eating this year and your video just did it for me. Such chill, positive vibes and honesty is refreshing to see. Keep up the awesomeness!

Tara Drew says:

Boo you cute

Kendra Moore says:

I plan I going to Japan when I can afford it and I would honestly love to be your friend. Though I’m kinda quiet sometimes, I actually really love the good vibes you give and I’m personally trying to get healthier

Tori Brown says:

omg this is so freaking useful! My stomach gets exactly like what yours was like before you started the detox, if i don’t watch what i eat… i look like i’m pregnant – no joke. At first i thought it was because I had a gluten sensitivity, so then i just cut out bread and pasta and things like that. But i ate so much more than usual because I didn’t have the carbohydrates to fill me up for longer, so i was still bloated, and funnily enough it was still firm (i thought if i cut carbs out it would flatten…obvs didn’t). So now imma try this and see if it works…fingers crossed!!!! Thank you!!!! xx

Mochaa Jayy says:

When you make tea you don’t add any sweetener right ?

Tinker Mel says:

Act first when I saw the price I was like “$3,000 dollars?! What kind of high end food this girl buyin?!” and then I remembered it’s japanese currency and not american currency lol

I’m A Cow says:

I wish I could take long walks. But in 90° plus heat, and shootings you can’t really do a lot in South Carolina

Terry Jackson says:

Excellent job. I enjoy the way you explain things

Jasmin96961 says:

am I the only one who actually likes ACV?

keakers says:


Jasmin96961 says:

you make best weight loss/detox/wellness videos because it inspires me so much

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