10 Day Detox/Fast in Bali – My Experience and Results!

I’ve always been interested in doing a ‘Detox cleanse’, or a ‘fast’. But the idea of no food for 10 days at first sounded like torture, and an impossible thing to do! How could someone not eat for 10 days and it be beneficial to your health and well being? So I thought I would find out, put it to the test and share my results with the world!

Please read my blog for all the info and results:

10 Day Detox/Fast in Bali – My Experience and Results!

If you are interested in doing the same program in Bali as I, be sure to checkout Natural Instinct Healings website for more info and how to book! There are also other programs you can do like the ‘Simply Raw’, ‘Total Transformation’, ‘Feel aLIVE Superfood Cleanse’ programs, just to name a few. Sort of something to suit everyone 🙂


Ps. I realise this is a bit of a different video for our channel, but what is exciting is that along with sharing our sailing adventures with you guys, we will also be branching out and throwing some other videos in here and there of different things we think are worth sharing 🙂 And like I said, if fasting isn’t something you’re interested in, feel free to NOT watch this video!

Love Elay


jslfc S says:

Fuzzy…because you were starving yourself. No energy…same thing. I have to say that was stupid.

Nikolas Cruz says:

Are you a hippy?

christopher kettler says:

Go to ecuador and do ayahuasca now that is spiritual

chad sanders says:

Looks like fun hope you enjoyed yourself ! Love watching your videos ! Its nice to see people living a good pure life and being committed to each other and your passions ! I admire you and your Husband ? When will the baby come ?

kragseven says:

People, your body detoxes itself. Nothing like paying to get sick and have your body do what it does naturally

Devil515151 says:

There goes 27 minutes of my life I can’t get back. Had you shown the enema I might have “liked” this video. You are the epitome of an annoying eco tourist that spoils a holiday abroad.

Jeremy Alexander says:

You’re body detoxifies itself naturally, there is no such thing as detoxing. It’s a marketing term. What you did was continually harm your body for weeks because you listen to people that rely on magic and bullshit instead of science.

faaaaart1 says:

Uhm, not a fan of what you did. But fully support your right to do this. As far as paying for it, the money you earn is yours to spend as you wish. Period. Don’t let nay sayers get to you. Keep up the great films. As far as money, maybe you guys are trust fund folks lol. Not others business at all

Mike Lucas says:

wtf where was the bikini scene?

Chantelle Karo says:

Is this retreat no talking to others

christopher kettler says:

Normal for people that are starving

Shawn Jackson says:

I fast all the time and never ever have I made 10 days ever , good on ya 😉 fasting here and there is very good for the body and the soul . That said Elayna many of the symptoms you described were just from you fasting for 10 days . Not to frown I watch all the time and we see how you eat and insist Riley eats so having a body full of toxins just did not seam likely . Now the mind is a horse of a different color and a year or so later some of the things that were stressing the two of you is out in the spot light now . WoW , yeah you needed a break and a hella good job pulling this together . I know there were lots of folks all tangled up in this effort good on ya guys too . But … these two … for crap sake what a load to carry … and to keep quite for so long . That had to be killing you not to tell anyone for at least till you knew the ball was rolling in a positive way . ” Just to say this … a shout to the community and we would have lit the single fires ” The best community in the world are the … I can’t just call us cruisers any more it just does not seam right now … how about … SEA PEOPLE . I am aware of the reference was kinda my point . We are seeing our people pop up in all walks of life all over the world . Folks that have never seen the ocean before having that tug on their heart strings barter off everything and take to the sea and never look back . All a long they think there doing this alone and are by them self’s and this or that something breaks or falls apart and Whoa , where did all of you come from … sweet ! want some Wahoo , got any water , sure I have an extra one of those , Yes you can crash here , you can use our dink/duck to go to shore , of course you can get a ride … all over the island 😉 and it keeps growing and spreading and soon enough we are calling each other neighbor again or even friend . Deep breaths , deep breaths settle down you are not even at the half way point yet . Only way to beat the haters is to love them till they smile … fair winds and all that jazz … be safe … see you out there soon 😉

pim1234 says:

Jesus ! He lives !

Roger Whiting says:

Got eating disorder written all over her.

Arizona Sky says:

You actually need to have meat on your bones before you fast. Eeek.. you’re brave! People have died from not eating and being too skinny already so you have no fat stores for your body to live off of.

David miorgan says:

Diverticulitis! Eww!

B. Neron says:

Those last thoughts really hit home.

christopher kettler says:

Oh good i just checked the date……..this detox is nonsense sorry i like you but a little gullible

Alt Start says:

ughghh double dogg DISE no?

Erin Pineda says:

yooooooooo how gentrified is this video?

Graham Wood says:

Detoxification is untrue it’s a con

Abu Bakar Bin Khalid Khalid says:

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Colin Walsh says:

This girl needs to learn how to care for the human body, ESPECIALLY if she is going to care for children. Spiritual people tend to be either extremely wise or extremely ignorant. Only about 10% fall into the wisdom category.

christopher kettler says:

Confusion is because you need food

Michael Towler says:

If you were overweight or an alcoholic/drug user the detox would have been beneficial but your not, your a slim healthy Girl so really the symptoms you have are in reality starvation ones.

Skyclad Observer says:

>no enema video

christopher kettler says:

Did you do this while you were pregnant

pede ub says:

You can drink red tea to detox your body and shed 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds or more….

ban youtube says:

What a beautiful fresh morning face you have.

brainbombify says:

When you did your liver flush you should have seen the size of the bug on the wall behind you it was about as big as 2 inches or more oh I just rewatched it was a lizard

Gaius Caligula says:

Hippies using a holistic approach to health. How did that work out for Steve Jobs?

christopher kettler says:

Sorry about trolling but theres people in india who believe drinking urine and washing with it has great health benifits…..there are charlatans everywhere and all of them are “spiritual”

xyzct says:

If only _detox_ were a thing …

Lara Parks says:

Hi Elayna and Riley,
ive been following you on your island hopping adventures, absolutley loving eveything you do, what would you suggest to someone that wants to do something like you are with youtube and travel, im inspired and would love some starter tips!

earthandfire says:

Thats so beautiful. So happy you experienced this!

Terry Rutherford says:

As long as it was safe I’m glad you had positive results. I could/would never go through all that, and I try to be healthy. I exercise every day and watch my diet. No fasting , no enema, and no colon cleanse for me, But you Elayna are awesome.

Andrew Neidich says:

Sheesh – so many negative & judgmental comments here. Seems like a good thing she did for herself. And, these guys are living a good life – and work hard at it.


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VALE ONE says:

So amazing what a life love the vids

Brubeck Desmond says:

Coincidence? Doing the thing before a colonoscopy tomorrow.

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