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Crossfit Workouts For Beginners
Crossfit 2014
Crossfit Workout At Home

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Kimberlin Cantu says:

is it ok to do this every single day?

Nadia Henze says:

I did this once before n I was very sore n I stopped for a month n now got back n been doing this for one week streight n my body is transformed completely in a week! I do this for 20 mins n made that part of my routine. And I only need doing this video have not tried the other ones. What a great workout thank you so much!
God bless you!

Sophia Szokolay says:

Did 8 rounds!

Tim Lindström says:

Crossfitt is for losers!

Dave Readle says:

Awesome dude! Where is that filmed?

Mellie Vern says:

For presentation purposes, couldn’t you have moved the coffee table out of the way? I thought you’d bonk our head lol.

Brittiny Farrier says:

I love this!! It’s a great balance, so you feel it enough to know that it worked but you don’t over exert yourself.

77shosh says:

, 🙁 i hope i can do better

five minutes two rounds i guess

Tritodealwithit says:

I am 10 and I made it

Ma. Cristy Pineda says:

how many days ill do this?

Y0d3lingy3ti says:

Timer starts @2:10

Janet g says:

hi would this be ok for me to do I have fibromalygia and back issues. but my doctor ok me to work put please help I’m looking to tone up I lost 27lbs wanna lose more but wanna tone up too

Jack Jameson says:

dammit matt Im so proud of you

Tasha Campbell says:

Whew! I just did 5.5 rounds and it was good! Just discovered this workout after seeing it mentioned in a Yelp review. One of the local gyms offers it, but I wanted to try it out at home first. Thanks for the great training. Looking forward to following.

The D3adH3itz15 says:

Thanks for the video. i haven’t worked out in 3 years and got through 10 rounds. I feel really great

Shub Boi says:

dude how many days we have to repeat this bignners exercise?

Joe Cursey says:

77 and holding, thanks for your instruction!

Megaredronin says:

44yrs old just barely made 6 rounds at 20 reps each! yay me!!! feeling good definitely making this my daily routine love it!! 🙂

James Norton says:

Beat ya I did 8 rounds feeling proud!! awesome vid

SourPatchKids Hernandez says:

5 full rounds and 5 into the squats. Thanks for the video

Tritodealwithit says:

I’m glad you show this to everyone THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daneeta Loretta Jackson says:

I’m 51. Did 7 rounds. Thanks for this workout. It is raining cats and dogs in NOLA today. Thunder and lightening cancelled the match and the run in the park. This was a great way to counter the weather and get in a workout.

Tiff VanMeter says:

How many calories does this burn?

Kimberly Reels says:

this is perfect. you’re motivating. i didn’t catch your name so I’ll call you Ron. thanks Ron. see you tomorrow for another round.

Tritodealwithit says:

🙂 <:)

Brandon Guanoquiza says:

hey there i really want to take up your workouta to challenege my self im at 35 percent body fat and want to reach a 8 percent how often should we do each workout before the next one

please contact me through a direct message which I have more concerns about your workouts

fullcharge 876 says:

Look at this on eBay

RoostinTV says:

This is great for dirtbiker sir helped me a lot! 7 rounds

Jéssica de la Portilla Montaño de Juárez says:

37 y/o, first time. .. I wasn’t able to dance Zumba properly after this video!

Johanna Reynolds says:

Hi Nathan! Thanks for posting these videos. It is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t wait to start doing them!

Kaar Pohan says:

I did it!!!!! and i am feeling very good… i am 42 but i just wanted to ask that how many times shall i repeat it a week? if you can please give us a schedule for week i shall be thankful… 🙂

Bhagya D says:

BTW you have a nice balcony for working out…!!!

Rustam Dahiya says:

can u please tell me where this video was shooted in which country ?

PetrocelliPete says:

I am 57 and I did 12 rounds, and then I woke up. Cheers.

RoostinTV says:

This is great for dirtbiker sir helped me a lot! 7 rounds

ajay jain says:

Good presentation thanks fr video

RaIn MaKeR says:

Just finished 9 rounds been watching this video as a guide doing for 7 consecutive days now thank you for the help

jose ale says:

I am 42 I did 6 I am tired. I have been out of excersises for a while. I feel great.

Alexandre Milouchev says:

Thanks man. I’ve been looking to get back into training… I’m really weak right now. This workout was the perfect motivation. I’ll try to keep this up every morning in the coming weeks.

Hamza Siddiqi says:

good video but do more commentary

Gabriela Melendez says:

where are you in this video?

Bee Molo says:

will these exercises make me shed weight? not turn all my belly fat to muscle?

Justice B. says:

Thx a lot. (I’ll skip the long tragic story) I really needed help getting back to some type of work out. I did 7 rounds thanks to you. It helps me when you count so I can focus on form.

Nadia Henze says:

Please keep doing more episodes it’s awesome, and I feel encouraged to get back to exercising so please do more of these workouts

Tritodealwithit says:

I did got tired but I never gave up

Yousef Alajmi says:

Thanks a lot. it’s great video and very helpful for beginners.
I did 7.

Naturalwaysoflife says:

I was only able to do 4. First time working out. Great video and good motivation. I’ll leave a comment again in a week and let you know how many I accomplished.

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