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JSG1138 says:

My heart says yes, my shoulders say GFY

Marcus Quiroga says:

Hi Oleksiy, Im a beginner and your video help me a lot. I have a lot of difficulty to understand my foot and legs position. Is there a “formula” like you did with the pvc to understand hands grip, but to my legs and foot. I see a lot of people beginners like me doing strangers movements on my crossfit box in Brazil. Im afraid to fuck my knees with these movement. Thank you so much!

Leonardo Pinheiro says:

Excelent! Thank you!

A. Thengis says:

9999999 Million Likes.

Not a merc btw says:

So much better than you’re series with that other Russian chick

straligh says:

Love it!

малафья потекла says:

Nice. Let’s try.

Valentin Litvinov says:

Разброс стоп и начальное положение стоп не указано..

beowulfpro says:

best demo vid !!!!!!!!!

Сергей Иванов says:

Подробней некуда! Спасибо!

Bogdan M says:

Класне відео, я такого пояснення ще не бачив. Дякую.

samo modic says:

dramatic music

Traumadelta says:

excellent!!! thank you so much for that information!

Der Wandersmann says:

Best tutorial by a world class lifter!

Stuart Taylor says:

Love it, just love it

Viraj says:

Amazing video thank you

Mike Sasin says:


Tuskly says:

т.е. “расскрываться” не надо? Так в полунаклоне и надо тянуть вверх?

kaio m. says:

Teacher n1

rudy rich says:

Hi, do you think 8ts OK to train snatch with straps for the big weight? Thanks

nealrutgerskid says:

Very cool and informative. Thank you

Bob Gillingham says:

Amazing content! Thanks for creating and making it easier to teach proper snatch positions

Martina T. says:

Excellent video!

fish and banana says:

This is the best demonstration on youtube of what a snatch should look like. thank you!

Gtrmats1 says:

Thanks for sharing Great video

PowerSly83 says:


moefapie says:

Excellent video! really well made! is there one for the clean and jerk as well?

Chung Ng says:

Awesome video really good graphics.

Roberto D says:

Amazing!!!. Thank you.

Макс стопудов says:

А варум на английском? на русскама было бы тоже неплохо!

Fabien says:


djwilbur1 says:

Thank you for the outstanding video. What way are you recommending to rotate the elbows at the top of the snatch when you’re pressing at the top.

Marcus Quiroga says:

Fantastic class! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

GuitarHeroNICnFIB says:

what shoes do you use? How high is your heel?

Атанас Димитров says:

Incredible video! Good job! Can you make a video for others weightlifting techniques?

Sport und Anderes says:

Sure hope this is the start of a three part miniseries, eagerly waiting for the CLEAN and the JERK.

NagaVirus says:

Ты чурка глупая. Ты кого обучаешь . Сам научись олень

Karthick Rick says:

That was so informative and many thanks for it.

Oscar Ciro Pantoja Arias says:

Awesone, Thanks!!

Maddox Troy says:


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