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Intro by Aayush Swamy
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Tyler Moyer says:

froze my first power crunch bar, thanks!!!!

Brockway Babe says:

I wish I had A local CrossFit gym, my closest is over an hour away, I live vicariously through you and your videos.
Love the workout!!

Rebekah Hagan says:

Thank you for this! I’m one of those, I want to try crossfit but am really intimidated, type of person. These tips were super helpful!

Rachel Garcia says:

I’m 13. and I definitely need tips. I’m confused

chrissybre21 says:

Just started cross fit 3 weeks ago and love it!! Can’t get enough

Michael Bailey says:

you didn’t use that weight vest during Murph??

Dragonax says:

The problem is, when you are not fit, you are not gonna do it, when you want to try crossfit you probably are not very fit therefore doing murphy at beginning is like saying ‘Well, you are not very good swimmer so let’s try doing 2km in 16 minutes and then 25m underwater’

k3rrot M says:

Murph is the best for transitioning people into crossfit! My gym programs “Murph-ish” regularly as a wod and it’s just an 800m run, then 5 rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 squats, then another 800m run. I started doing this at home and everyone in my family started joining me and are now working on the movements (still trying to get the pull-ups!) and trying to do the full Murph. Love your video!!

Denise says:

how about a crossfit vocabulary starters book lol

Wendy Hall says:

I can’t wait till September 1, I’m starting at a new box.

Sarah Reveles says:

Thank you for explaining what MURPH is. I’ve heard of it before but not why it what done. I didn’t realize it was in honor of a specific soldier.

Great tips for beginning crossfit. I did it for three months last year. I found a Groupon for a local box and decided to try it out. The coaches were awesome and they required their fundamentals classes before you could step foot into their regular ones. I was grateful. My biggest fear was getting into class and being told to lift a million lbs. I couldn’t continue because financial reasons but I would return to them if I picked it up again. I loved that they pushed me just past my comfort zone but I never felt pressured to lift beyond my strengths.

Chasing Court says:

I went to my first fundamentals class on Tuesday and I go back again tonight! After my class on Tuesday I left the gym so ecstatic and couldn’t stop talking about everything I had learned. This video came up just in time since I am starting my crossfit journey! Thank you so much for the tips! 🙂

hayzychick says:

I’m literally just heading to my first ever CrossFit session, my friend is letting me tag along to her class, I’m so scared but I’m really inspired to start because of you ! Thank you for your inspiration xxx

Cassie Stoddard says:

I saw your dog. Cute!☺

Tiffany Hughes says:

Technique! SpongeBob <3  Thanks for motivating me to get back in the gym love your videos!! 🙂

Lexes O'Hara says:

I’ve recently adopted a more of a crossfit style of training into my workouts ❤️ love it

jackiejo88 says:

Great advice! I remember being so intimidated before I started. Did you break Murph up with a partner? I had to do that last year since I was 5 months pregnant. I usually break my reps up into rounds of Cindy. My husband PRd his time by 12 minutes this year! Super proud of him. ❤️

Victoria Bailey says:

Recently made the switch from weight training to crossfit, got thru the first week of training and then got injured at work. I was loving it, 2 more weeks and then i can get back into it!!

Elaine Brown says:

I wish I could do CrossFit, but there is no way I can afford it!

torturaxlc says:

Do you recommend someone to do crossfit who needs to lose weight? Because I want to do all of that but I’m not fit or even at a good weight yet

DrunkMeteor says:

where you doing team murph? and also you forgot the part about why we do this particular workout, the workout was also his personal favorite workout which he called body armor, and we call murph to honor him.

mmmanduh says:

I would LOVE to try crossfit, I think I’d really enjoy it.. BUT the prices are definitely scaring me away!

Cory Adams says:

great advice! cool video as always.

Alexius S says:

Love Crossfit..

Brittany Gerring says:

Love your outfit during MURPH? Who makes the sport bra and shorts?

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