People Try CrossFit For The First Time

Apparently, it’s more than just tire flipping.

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Angelino CrossFit




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marcanthony eagleton says:

Someone know the name of the the black haired girl?

Benjamin Taylor says:

The kipping pull-up looks like a fish floundering on dry land. Smh

Stephen John says:

next video try actual bodybuilding workouts

Dean Green says:


RichFlashBacks says:



If this has to be a workout I’m conserned about the people doing it

Daniel weirdo vato says:

Y’all can have the rhabdomyolysis and get sodomized by other CrossFit folk lol

Sage Garcia says:

Crossfit, high risk low reward workout for people that dont have physical jobs.

Noach says:

I do this ^^

megalodon be says:

Pure trash

123 456 says:

Crossfit “we take actually good exercises like pull-ups and take away the boring stuff like form and actually using muscles and replace it with fun stuff like speed and danger to your body”

Jammmer47 H says:

The dude at the end need to do a video about lifting weights cause not all weight lifting exercises work 1muscle at a time actually a lot of exercises work multiple muscle groups

Cesar Diaz says:


madison rose says:

Jordan is going to pop her shoulders out if she’s not careful

Jose Gonzalez says:

xfit is the best sport in the world.

Senseless Nonsense says:

Awesome! Have them join crossfit that causes so many injugries cuz they always mess every exercise up with bad form

Rudy's World Of says:

Exercises in futility,

Utter useless exercises with an appalling bad form with cheating to avoid the level of strenght needed to do these exercises with good form

Pookz says:

How beat you feel after a workout is not a good gauge by any means of how effective the workout is in achieving specific fitness goals. This is something every athlete knows.

Life of Chelsea says:

I did kids crossfit and we did 3 times the intensity level than that

Radioactive Lemon says:

Next people try actually working out



ericwtfn fonseca says:

The kipping pull-up takes the pull out of a pull up its not even exercises

Mike 1 says:

Cross fit seems like military physical training. Advantage is you’re moving and doing something. Disadvantage you’re doing some crap slapped together using mostly bro science and bad form. You likely will get injured.

Krešo Vurušić says:

Damn people still do crossfit like its usefull

ᴛᴀʏʏɪʙ sʜᴀʜ says:

Okay so all you gotta do is get a homeless man to pick random activities for you to do and do every single one wrong. Got it.

alex davis says:

Crossfit And Group Fitness PLR Pack

Michael Jackson says:


Better Than pac says:

Lmfao, CrossFit is a joke

Maxine George says:

kenny is the cutest human, even when he’s sweaty

trig dude says:


demii.ufo says:

Elgintensity told me to look out for idiots like these.

Dakota Nyquist says:

Kipping pull ups rule #1
Don’t use your lats

Isabel Poirier says:

CrossFit isn’t about gains, it’s about pushing yourself and keeping active and mobile. My gym does do large group classes like this but they also offer classes to everyone on just improving your ability to do simple tasks like sitting down, which when you get older becomes more and more difficult. It’s about keeping you moving and strong at any age in my opinion.

Colby Kozier says:

Rowing is crossfit but 10x harder

mrboo williams says:

Crossfit the laughing stock of the fitness industry

kobra 2433 says:

People try calisthenics

Sourabh Jadhav says:

Wow Nice model males……..

Joshua Meek says:

Those pull-ups… I cringe every time because they’re so easy to do compared to a real pull-up and they destroy your shoulder. Have fun at the doctors I guess.

William Ramsay says:

Crossfitters are people who have nothing else to do and have no friends and like to huylrt themselves

Callum Jones says:

started crossfit at age 13 and i was 14 in june XD

Soph & squishy! says:

Dude I’m 10 yrs old and I do cross fit and can squat 28kg

Dameon Sharp says:

Spme of this just looks crazy!

nosoynadaoriginal says:

It’s missing the part where you make a complete fool of yourself and the coach mocks you for not being able to do some exercises. Also when doing wod with turns, slowing everyone down cause you are new and the rest can’t do the workout unless you finish, yay!

Robert Emil Schwaner says:

You want to get big? Try crossfhahaha! Sry couldn’t get through that one

AsmrQueen Shivvver says:

Cross fit is a cult

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