Acarsfault says:

a good may to destroy gym materials

Cyderaal says:

i searched crossfit workout, not circus

federico lo tauro says:

Worst form I’ve ever seen!!! If I was this guy I’d go back to basics

De Large says:

all this is the training for all day?please answer someone

Drexxler 1 says:

Do you perform multiple reps of this workout?? I can’t fathom 1set in less then 5 minutes as a workout.

fullcharge 876 says:

Look at this on eBay

Robert Anthony says:

I’ve been training on Athlean-X for a year and talking to a friend about crossfit. I kinda paid attention to their description of what they did for workouts, but only NOW did I look into it to see what it is all about. I am SHOCKED at how risky this program appears to be…just on the surface.

I am in damn good shape now and I NEVER had to do anything that would even come close to causing me injury. My elbows and shoulders would be toast if I did the workout in such poor form like I have seen from multiple crossfit vids (it seems to me the BIGGER IS BETTER and MORE IS BETTER ideals that are being pushed by this program go way too far). If you want to look good and be in great shape there are great alternatives that are much much safer than crossfit (Athlean-X is just one of them). Why the hell would the majority of people want to “lift like an Olympian” when their goals is not to lift X amount of weight in X number of reps but to be fit, healthy and stay that way for a lifetime! Damn…just damn!

xXB34STM0D3Xx says:

I only watch crossfit videos to make fun of it.

Titi Omisakin says:

Starting crossfit for the firs time tom. Till now been doing just normal workouts gym rat stuff. I’m in for a rude awakening I feel like

Mike Hunt says:

Absolutely terrible form

Aser Docteur says:

It’s not ok to drop the weight in my gym …Which sucks arse…

askmeiknow100 says:

so basically joe is a *FUCKING MACHINE*… did you see that?

Kamal Prince says:

Whats the total weight???

Reckless Endangerment says:

Those are “momentum-ups” NOT pull ups. You have to PULL to do a pull up, not flapp around like a stranded fish..

Demmond Dorris says:

When the pull-ups are the easiest of the exercises………those are not pull-ups.

MJT Lop says:

The dude is alright stop hating

M'kay says:

wtf are those pullups

bizzarrogeorge says:

he completed not one correct burpee. try that crap in the military.

River Sparks says:

This workout is actually great, just don’t rush yourself, and you’ll be in great shape if you do this everyday.
This isn’t meant for HUGE gains, it’s meant to lose fat while gaining muscle. If you want to be big and slow, look up body building workouts, otherwise, don’t complain about how the workout is setup.

P.S. Don’t look up how to workout and say “That’s not how you workout”. If you know so much, then why are you here?

brookelynnnnz says:

What I notice about CrossFitters is that they like to make a lot of fucking noise with those damn fake rubber plates , but still a great exercise

zact lee says:

you can have full body workout without the chance of injuring urself u know.

willcant quickscope says:

Ya forms wank

DarrelTheSupreme Darrel says:

Pull ups? More like bitch ups or kip ups.

Alberto Hidalgo says:

you gotta kick on pull ups to confuse the body, right babe?

T Urbo says:

man, injuries, injuries, injuries, injuries 😀 crossfit style xD

James Ashley says:

Me being in the marine corps, those pull ups are atrocious

Steve G says:

Okay, please explain this to me. The dude is seriously ripped and is pretty exhausted after this 4 minute workout. I just came back from a crossfit session doing 3 heats of 10 push-jerks, 15 squat cleans and 30 deadlifts in 20 minutes… and I’m actually in the overweight range…. After that I was lying on the floor feeling as if I was going to die. Admittedly I was using just two 10 pound plates, but still… it looks to me like this guy shouldn’t be as exhausted as he is in this vid after that workout….

Lonnie 1Love says:

o hell naw I ain’t on this level

xxxxsmfxxx says:

every time he throw down the bar a part of me died. just put it down, if you can’t, use lighter weight.

Taron Young says:

Goal: To look like Joe with my shirt off!!!

Dino Vidakovic says:

who the fuck makes this bullshit

nvzble says:

not trying to be a hero here , but is this enough for a beginner to intermediate level ? and how to crossfit offical page choose the weights when they post the official wod ?

J Loves footy says:

Thats awesome dude – would take me like 4hrs to do that not 4mins loooolll!!!

Michael Watson says:

Musclemen grow on trees. They can tense their muscles and look good in a mirror. So what? I’m interested in practical strength that’s going to help me run, jump, twist, punch.

Some bodybuilders might be able to lift heavier than this guy on a benchpress but when it comes to practical physical challenges I guarantee this guy would win every time because he trains all of his body to work together rather than isolated movements.

Daniel Valencia says:

joe sucks ass at doing pullups why would you swing yourself man??

fullcharge 876 says:

Look at this on eBay

Nice crossfit shoe

Political Muscle says:

Literally the dumbest fuckin workout Ive ever seen. Congrats.

Craig Mack says:

those burpees were pathetic

fatdepressedveg knight says:

Trying to find out more information that this new craze of cross fit, wow,

1) you have to have specialised gym and equipment

2) the performing Olympic lifts without specialised coaching as a very technical lifting

3) shocking form, mixed with power speed

4) I can see a few people making good results from this

5) myself I would likely injured within minutes of work out,

Myself personally I stick to the traditional bodybuilding of the 40s-to the late 70s

ajmf 2016 says:

i see stupid people slamming weights

Chris Miles says:

Wow umm What if we are weak? I can only bench about 155 what weight should I do? And should I combine this with strength endurance and power training?

donnie crowe says:

This guy is making this look easy. Im in good shape and tried this today with that weight and its harder than it looks.

Remco W. says:

No rep on the final 5th dl..

zact lee says:

this is not a workout. this is a masochistic body torture.

Richard Elliott says:

Great way to bulge or slip a disk…

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