Learn To Snatch (A Beginner’s Guide)

A simple way to warm-up for, and progress through THE SNATCH.

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eddy ngaue says:

Greatly appreciate your reasoning behind each drill and where did dude cop those grey weightlifting shoes? Gorgeous shoes.

Ozzy Sideika says:

Brilliant drill, hope you’ll post more of these step by steps

exfalso says:

I don’t really know how I ended up one your channel. But since I’m here: Your videos are very well made and really enjoyable. The editing is cool, you speak in whole sentences, you explain things nicely and there is really something new to learn. Thanks. 🙂

Travis Stockwell says:

A beginner doing a SOTS press – wish I was a beginner 😉

Owen Williams says:

I just worked through this for the first time. Wow! I’ve snatched a lot at crossfit classes but I’ve never felt movement like that. The presses were super tough. This is going to be a regular warmup. Awesome content!

Carlos Antônio Ferreira Müller says:

Hey, Zack, nice work! Great progression. Your videos are always helpful. I have a request, if I may. Could you comment (I know it may be hard to dedicate another video to this topic) on mobility and flexibility assessments for the olympic lifts? I know I should be working on all my joints, specially as a whole, as you greatly described on your “mobility: what works” video. However, sometimes it’s difficult to understand what are your own body limitations and what aspects (hamstrings, hips, upper back, shoulders, ankles) are holding back your OHS, snatch and front rack/squat. Thank you very much!

Jane Winchcombe says:

Great description I really learnt a lot from the video.thankyou

shubham naithani says:

Dude that’s the way to teach

Matthew Bowen says:

This is hilarious. This is like watching myself teach my athletes how to snatch. So many cues were the same. Hip crest for grip width, legs doing all the work in the first pull, back angle not changing, the sweep-in drill to get the lats going. Great stuff man! I will pass this video onto my beginner athletes for when they need cue and drill reminders.

Bosnjak V says:

Dude looks so sad all the time lmao

m m says:

Should i learn the snatch or the clean first?

Mark Botello says:

Great tips. Your photographer is awful.

Michael Karayan says:

I like your content Zack! Hey quick question, have you ever seen Rips power snatch tutorial?

Jorge Mata says:

12:12 light bulb went off above my head… great video thanks!

Vandelay Industries says:

You need a remote mic so you can watch him and give instructions instead of having to look at the camera all the time. I feel like you aren’t watching him closely while he is doing the drills.

David Chiu says:

Sots Press combines well w/ Sn Bal in whats good to do from a half squat — SOTS BALANCE

Rufino Perea says:

Wow! Seriously this one of the best tutorials for a beginner. Great warm-up routine and explanation for each movement.

Your trainee moves exceptionally well for a beginner, Idk how long he’s been weightlifting but he has good motor patterns and flexibility.

I’ve been weightlifting for a while and you cleared some points I am having trouble with, mainly the first-pull (set-up position) and to utilize those legs more.

Keep up the good work.

JaeOne3345 says:

I’m just here for Ab Soul Control System playing in the background.

ms k2 says:

8:25 11:30

Haider Qadri says:

I wish I discovered this channel sooner, thanks a bunch Zack!

The Fourth Extension says:

This is brilliant content. Some great tips for beginners – intermediates. Hardest thing in the Snatch I find is getting under the bar quickly enough. Other than Hang Snatch / high Hang Snatch are there any other suggestions you’d make?

Ali Lau says:

Those shoes tho

Dixant Mittal says:

Hi Zack and other. Great video. Helped me a lot. I have one doubt though. Actually, my left elbow full stretch angle is a bit more than the right elbow. Like if the right is 180-185 degrees, left is 190-195 degrees. While doing internal rotation, it feels a bit uncomfortable. Any recommendation?

Jeremy Grothe says:

Should I feel pressure on my wrists?

Keenan Kugler says:

Definite like for the Sotts press mention and behind the neck squat press (not sure what else to call it). In my opinion one of the best moves to see where you’re lacking in mobility.

Imran Shah says:

Whats the song at the beginning?

Carlos Zetina says:

Dude, I’ve seen all of your videos and you clearly are so passionate and knowledgeable. BE MY COUCH!!!!!!!!!

FuinOhtar says:

Great, I’m always looking for more warm up exercises and drills.

Mr FZ says:

4:24 “This is when stuff gets really difficult” sums up my experience with weightlifting lol
Gud video my man, it’s nice to get longer, more informative ones every once in a while

lockhrt999 says:

Is that bar lighter than 45lb?

Mike Filipovic says:

most helpful video on learning the snatch i’ve seen on YouTube yet

Rodney says:

Music is on point!

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