How To Increase CrossFit® Performance – 5 Simple Tips for Beginner & Newbie Skills

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Oliver De La Cruz Hernandez says:

DU, BMU and Pistols sound good

23aced says:

Still having tons of problems with damn dbl unders

Joe Reynolds says:

DUs and Strict PUs. Tired of being a kipping one round hero but I have started to scale the DUs. Recently my target is 20/min. Like KPUs the numbers slide down as rounds increase. Great info as always.

Deb Little says:

strict pull-ups along with functional core

Lancelot Link says:

You touch on something that I haven’t really loved about crossfit. I really enjoy when we work on skills because we take the time to practice and improve technique but then many times I feel like I’m thrown into a metcom with a difficult skill like a snatch and I’m expected to do a high volume of something that I’m really struggling with. The result is I scale to something else and I totally miss out on the opportunity to work on something I really want and need to do.

Rob Fraser says:

C2B is the focus, while continuing to push up beyond 25 unbroken DU

Stephane Fernandez says:

Thanks for this video
I helped translating your video description for youtube 😉 (En -> Fr)

Геннадий Майоров says:

ring muscle ups

Laurence Brown says:

Great video. Couldn’t come at a better time. I can totally relate to this.

Andrew McClintock says:

Double unders

Chris Robson says:

Strict Pull Ups

Sn1ck3rDoOdLeS says:

Gonna work on my double unders for sure!

Peter DiDonato says:

DUs with laser focus. Thank you

Michel Brongers says:

I was focusing on 3 movements…. mu, du and hspu…. thanks for the tips. Du it is!

lajeunessesimon1 says:

As usual your video are so amazing and perfect and help me in my training. I love you

Rafał Zwoliński says:

Thanks Ben for the GOOD JOB. Everything is clear.I’ll practice…… wod by wod .

kostas Fetouris says:

Great advices for increasing crossfit performance! Really helpful information! However, let me ask you a question. Someone who may try to focus and improve one skill (ie. hu push ups) for about 15 minutes 2-3times a week does’t affect the performance of all the other skills(ie muscle ups) that don’t be practised? Is there the possibility someone to “forget” a skill or not to be so good as he was because try to improve only one particular skill? Thank you in advance.

andra jacobs says:

Muscle ups then butterfly pull up.

Commandoswede says:

It has to be DU. I’ve been dodging these for far to long.

mrstekie says:

HSPU did my first in the open this year. 🙂 then go back to RMU which I also premiered in the open this year.

Jim McGuire says:

Double Unders! Thanks Ben!

Neil Hamp says:

In my opinion you are confusing your own points. You are painting one brush for everyone. The word you are looking for is specificty not Range of motion, you are making this up and throwing out random words because it sounds good. No it is not the job of the athlete to identify problem areas, its the coaches and this is just an excuse for lazy programming.

Vandana Rajesh says:

Definitely double unders and then strict pull ups

Ross Waldman says:

Awesome advice!

Matt H says:

OMG. I needed this so much. Thank you times a million. I will focus on muscle ups. I can do one or two max before I need to recover and try again.

Latasha Coleman says:

Between bar muscle or ring muscle up. Which one should be learned first

Bill tackett says:

I am brand new to crossfit and Olympic style lifts in general so I do feel pretty overwhelmed most of the time as I’m learning new things. I am really trying to get the basics of everything so that I can do the WODs then I am going to start breaking into the double-unders first and second working to get strict pull-ups. I lifted a lot when I was younger but let life get in the way so I feel I am starting not quite at square one but definitely behind on the board. Thank you for the videos, they have been really helpful for a newbie.

23aced says:

Funny thing is I can do muscle ups butterfly pull ups and Kipping but my strict pull ups suck

Daniel says:

Double Unders + Push Ups

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