HOW TO DOUBLE UNDER: Step By Step Guide and Common Problems

HOW TO DOUBLE UNDER FOR CROSSFIT – Step By Step Guide – Common Problems and How to fix them – Rope Length – Key Points – Drills for Timing – Programming and creating new pathways within the brain.

I Recommended this Rope:

For a more simple breakdown check out Chris Speallers Video:

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The Dudess says:

One thing that really helped me to get more DU in sequence is to slowly accumulate DU in the middle of singles.
Like this:
3 SU – 1 DU – 3 SU – 1 DU …
2 SU – 1 DU – 2 SU – 1 DU …
1 SU – 1 DU – 1 SU – 1 DU …
And when you finally get 2 DU in a row start trying do to more and more in sequence!
Once you get it, it’s really fun! I prefer jumping rope than running!

Soulstealer says:


rossM4551A says:

What’s the song on in the box at the very start?!?!

Galaxyrope Ac says:

That rope is so short!!

Christian Seyock says:

actually the best video on double unders i ve ever seen on youtube!!!!!!!!! AWESOME

Synchronicity 1111 says:

Good info!Thanks!.. Perfect is only a concept, ideal is just a word . Hard work, sore and fun are real.

Devora Gray says:

Thing that helped me a lot was where I was focusing my gaze. Finding a spot on the ground about 10 ft in front of me and trying to jump in the same spot with feet together. Love your tutorials! I’d watch them with anything. How to eat a grapefruit, how to shop for Sparky’s biscuits, etc.

Agnez Jönsson says:

I HAD A RARE PROBLEM: 6 months into CrossFit – always been so frustrated with DU, like everyone else. Finally got out of the “1single-1double under” drill and can string them together. BUT my biggest issue I’ve never seen anyone talk about on YouTube. I did have good solid core position, jumped perfect from the ball of my foot and had tight elbows and a good wrist movement BUT wasn’t aggressive enough with the flick of my wrist when stinging them together. I realised this when I did an intense WOD and hade som epic music on and did DU to that. I guess I got so excited and pumped that the flick finally became aggressive enough. Woala I got them going!!

Also noticed that I used to hold my rope handle to far in, by moving my hand a bit out on the handle I got a better flick. Now I’m just building on my “perfect” foundation and stringing together more and more. Hope someone reads this and can relate and maybe become a better DU-jumper.

Rubnnnnn says:

Awesome vid!

Robert Sapsed says:

Best break down I’ve seen! Cheers guys. Will get these!!!

Scott Leopold says:

the best drill is the “double hip tap”. without a rope, jump up and down like jump roping and each time your jump up tap your hip twice. practice this until you can do it 50+ times in a row without getting out of sync. it should be second nature. then pick up a jump rope and do the same thing, but in stead of tapping your hips, just spin the rope

Jessica Rorai says:

Is there a certain brand of rope that you like? Great videos…love em!

Jump rope stairs says:

good vid..

malcallm says:

After half of the year of practicing I still can’t do DU. I can jump SU all day long unbroken, but no double. I give up.

Colossus says:

CrossFit sucks

Emory Emrich says:

Craig you helped me make a DU breakthrough with this video. I have struggled with them for 6 months and today after watching this I discovered my rope was too long. I did a long chipper with 10 rounds which included 24 DUs in each. I started doing it @ single single double cadence *with a shorter rope*. On the last 3 rounds I decided to go for it and did all 3 rounds unbroken. Most I’ve done unbroken ever. Thank you my friend! WE DON’T QUIT!

Fernando Yache says:

My 2018 goal after 3 years of Crossfit! Get the DU

Morgan Evans says:

I know this is an old video but you have no idea how much I needed to watch it!!!

Petter Boussard says:

I’ll try this today! 🙂


Awesome video mate. Worked a night shift, had a couple of hours sleep, got up and just been trying to nail double unders in my garage for the best part of my day after watching this video. Brilliant feeling hitting my first few double unders in a row. Not quite there yet, but I’ll get there. Thanks for the how to vids! keep them coming.

Ale LdeZ says:

richey, what do yo do apart from crossfit? what pays gains? ajaj

Beardsley McBeard says:

the single most frustrating movement in CrossFit

Ethan Lock n Load says:


Sebastián says:

i was able to do 10-15 DU in a row in summer…now..after a lot of practice im just able to do 1 or 2!!! fuck this stupid move – no chance – i quit and learnd doing super fast SU…no shit!

Mozkar Lozada says:

take my like good man

Tim Jolly says:

How many people KEEP coming back to this video, again and again?

Marek says:

This is the first video where I saw Jasmin not smiling 🙁

Corey Freeman says:

I like your videos your so positive

Adabel S says:

Great video, thanks for sharing!

Ben van de Wetering says:

Just bought my rope today, now it’s time to practice! How long did it take you to learn it?

Christine Lee says:

where should i get the band? thanks!

guardvids12 says:

This is super helpful! Thanks so much for posting!!!

Zach Massey says:

Double Unders have started to come quicker once I got the Rx Smart Gear rope. The rope with a little more weight really helped.

Mark Doyle says:

Always quality, very cool

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