How To Do Man Makers | Exercise Guide

1. Position a pair of light-weight dumbbells in front of you, parallel to each other. Keeping your back flat, bend forward and squat down, grasping the dumbbells. This is your start position.

2. Initiate the movement by kicking one leg back, then the other so that you’re in the push-up position, holding onto the dumbbells. Your weight should be on your toes and hands. Do a one-arm row for each side, bringing your elbow up as high as you can.

3. Hop your feet forward and rise up by cleaning the weights, bringing them up to shoulder level, palms facing forward as you hop a second time. Descend into a squat and explosively rise up, then press the weights overhead to full arm extension.

4. Lower the dumbbells back to your shoulders, then bend over as you squat down to return the weights back to the floor in front of you. Repeat for reps.

Type: Strength
Main Muscle Worked: Middle Back
Other Muscles: Biceps, Triceps
Equipment: Dumbbell
Mechanics Type: Compound
Level: Intermediate

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Mark Anderson says:

even better when you add a press up after the rows

Pils76 says:

this looks nasty as a mf

ally says:

his name please

Armored Fitness E6 says:

i did these yesterday, and they killed me. for those talking about it being “CrossFit crap” and all that, give these a solid go. go for an AMRAP session for 5-10 mins or so with a heavier weight. higher weight and longer time for those capable. then have something to say.

martin van dijk says:

So a renegade row, burpee and squat to press

DB3 says:

Killer workout

Juho Haverinen says:

This is a kid maker at most. “Position a pair of lightweight dumbbells” fail right there. 😀

Clint Down Syndrome says:


ant52onio says:

omg thats like hitting 2/3 rds of all the muscles.. i love can always count on them.


What are these comments? Mofos asking for this nigga name and shit. LOL

Blades 22 says:

Just put these in my workout I fucking hate them, I know why they got there name


model name ?

Mtt P.Trainer says:

lo squat è fatto male

Adam McDonald says:

nice these look killer

Todd Michaelsen says:

Add a pushup. ⚡️

Cesar Damian says:

This is awful

Anthony Golyer says:

why would you not add a push up in there, as well as a more cardio based motion when extending into as well as exiting the push up postion?

quan jiang says:

What’s the name of the coach?

Danielous says:

This is biggest shit, and u show it to poeple…and this dude mobility is so bad he cant even do proper squat…Please delete the video and dont make people do it wrong…

Sumeet S says:

Where is the pushup? No manmaker is complete without a pushup cunts

MrRMSR says:

what model of nikes are those? Pretty nice.

BackinBlack says:

is this for like old people?

Mighty Giant says:

No push up?

Christopher Moltisanti says:

so a burpee for pussies

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