How To Clean and Press | Shoulder Exercise Guide

Learn how to do the clean and press exercise with this tutorial.

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Assume a shoulder-width stance, with knees inside the arms. Now while keeping the back flat, bend at the knees and hips so that you can grab the bar with the arms fully extended and a pronated grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width. Point the elbows out to sides. The bar should be close to the shins. Position the shoulders over or slightly ahead of the bar. Establish a flat back posture. This will be your starting position.

Begin to pull the bar by extending the knees. Move your hips forward and raise the shoulders at the same rate while keeping the angle of the back constant; continue to lift the bar straight up while keeping it close to your body.

As the bar passes the knee, extend at the ankles, knees, and hips forcefully, similar to a jumping motion. As you do so, continue to guide the bar with your hands, shrugging your shoulders and using the momentum from your movement to pull the bar as high as possible. The bar should travel close to your body, and you should keep your elbows out.

At maximum elevation, your feet should clear the floor and you should start to pull yourself under the bar. The mechanics of this could change slightly, depending on the weight used. You should descend into a squatting position as you pull yourself under the bar.

As the bar hits terminal height, rotate your elbows around and under the bar. Rack the bar across the front of the shoulders while keeping the torso erect and flexing the hips and knees to absorb the weight of the bar.
Stand to full height, holding the bar in the clean position.
Without moving your feet, press the bar overhead as you exhale. Lower the bar under control .

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Shiggy Diggy says:

i see everybody has their bodybuilding degree handy

Amin Nazgol says:


idiotunderthetable says:


hors kok says:

what does this work out

Asitha Jay says:

Half Front Squat + Over head Press = Clean and Press

srinitaaigaura says:

This exercises works virtually every muscle in the entire body.

Pomerantz says:

I’ve seen too many videos of people injuring themselves doing this that it makes me wonder why people do it in the first place.

Viswajith Viswanathan says:

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Whoever said love conquers all was a fool. Because almost everything conquers love – or tries to.

Noel Smyth says:

I taught u weren’t aloud to Jump on the Clean and Press

Tyler Jay says:

killing all the momentum from the legs by pausing then pulling the bar up with his arms
awful technique to teach people

1veggiemonster says:

The model used is a hot, muscular, Asian, guy! YES!

Isaias Juarez says:

I definitely thought, “wow those are amazing computer graphics, I wonder what program they used to make the avatar so life like.?” Then I realized it was a real guy. Smh.

Evan Kelley says:

That’s an abysmal clean

Will Lowe says:

I keep thinking those are 45lb plates…. but they’re just those 5lb CrossFit rubber ones.

brb. about to C&P 225!

justin butchko says:

wrists shouldnt bend like that


apart from the movement what makes it diffrent from the barble overhead press ?

Jason Fehr says:

1. Load bar with as much possible
2. Pull it off the floor hard using only your back
3. Blast that shit into space
4. Get laid

themetsfan861 says:

If you want a good overhead press, do NOT have your upper arms perpendicular to the floor. They should be angled downward, at about a 35-40 degree angle.

Anushal Dhanda says:

Bad grip

Cam Wild says:


mylobage says:

A perfect video on how to follow all 79 easy steps.

Günther W. Falkenhorst says:

Great Video, easiest way to understand the movement: Turn sound off. The guy is actually talking way to much 😀 classic.

Marko Savvas says:

Even though this isn’t a clean and press I still liked because I wanted to be the thousand like

ronki23 says:

How deep are you supposed to squat in these? I’m surprised these aren’t used for bodybuilding purposes much

Infossim says:

i think guy is using more weight

PureZOOKS says:

I don’t have the confidence in my balance to Jerk correctly yet. Would it be a good idea to start pressing low wait, then move on to pushpressing after a clean, then onto jerk?

alexandre pradob says:

is this exercise dangerous???

Kobi Morton says:

Should it bounce of his chest into his neck?

sactemp777 says:

which one is better clean and press or clean and jerk ?

brian' says:

That CrosShit logo tho

Outside Coaching says:


Damien Carlier says:

that clean is not good enough to be shown in a video which has for purpose to teach the clean and press. (sorry for the grammar, english isn’t my first language)

astroboirap says:


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