I cut my hair, they say a women who cuts her hair is about to change her life! Last week I got to workout with 30 of you in London with Virgin Active, then another 30 of you at my Beginners CrossFit Event at my CrossFit Box, 3 hours of strength and conditioning, gymnastics and mobility workshops, find out what happened!


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Thanks for watching! ❤


Anji Conroy says:

Looking forward to Sunday as battling with my skin at 38, very arghh! Keep up the awesome work xx

Chacha Espina says:

This is fun

Lizzy T says:

Would love for you to check out the North Coast 500 — could be your next adventure???? (please!) x

Hanna Constantina says:

Your crossfit box team just seems like they’re so lovely and welcoming!

Ebony Griffin says:

Oh my gosh! This is one of my favourite vidoes!… I really loved the beginner’s crossfit bit. I’ve been wanting to try crossfit and everyone just looked so lovely and welcoming. I think I’m going to sign up at a gym in Victoria 🙂 Yay!

Also, trip-wise — you should come to Vancouver Island or Haida Gwaii to go kayaking with killer whales or surfing or rock climbing! So many options! <3

Allie Jensen says:

“I’m even wearing a bra” you go girl

missreia says:

“I’m even wearing a bra” haha
THIS is why I love u Carly! Xo

Amelia PG says:

Love how crossfit welcomes fat people thin people, women and men and treats them all equally. It’s not common in sport and it’s frickin awesome!!

Bombshell Beauty says:

your videos are so fun and they make me happy and I really enjoy them.

Nos4047 says:

Thank you for being so inspiring! Tomorrow I am having my first CrossFit session, thanks to you 🙂

Dianne Kusters says:

Hi Carly. I was wondering what you do to not have to shower everytime you workout. Thank you!

Jocelyn Schneider says:

you should come to minnesota and teach a class;)!!

Cecilie Sørensen says:

Which song does Leon play!!!

K-ro Reyes says:

A really good challenge would be W circuit in Torres del Paine, Chile, youll totally love it

Julia Raettig says:

Do the Appalachian trail! Come back to the U.S. Carly we miss you!

Cecilia Muster says:

Try to do the 10 days hike of Tantauco, Chile.

praveen nambiar says:


Kanzee says:

0:10 Love that clown face..LOL
0:39 I wish my butt was that firm. lol
1:07 I get more Inspiration and motivation , seeing the lady in pink than all the tone body’s there. She stole the whole Show !!! Right on

Emily Boyle says:

I’d love to give crossift ago but I’m scared. Im over weight. A few years ago I lost 4 stone but have put half of thst back on if not a little more. I loved doing Les Mills classes. I have decided this year I am going to do it I’m not going on a diet I’m changing my lifestyle. Going back to the gym. But I enjoy classes more but I dont want to look out of place next to people half my size. What would you or anyone on here say is the best way of starting back? I could do 2/3 classes a day back in the day, i just need the kick start again!

Sarah Adams says:

Everest base camp is actually doable! It’d be like Kilimanjaro give or take. So maybe not the summit but you could def try for the base camp.

Aarav Singh says:

Keep it up……..

praveen nambiar says:


Jessica X says:

Watching your videos is always a treat! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face <3

Soumia Mokhtari says:

Can you put the youtube channel link of your crossfit friend Ginette ?
I would love to get the chance one day to workout with you ❤

Shannon Beer says:

Ahh wish I could join in!

hygge cal says:

Your locks look super fabbb + swishyyy! 🙂 I’d love to join you on some sort of adventure/ challenge/ retreat… Peru would be ace! Or somewhere in Europe (in terms of cost?). And fyi, you’re killing it lovely! xx

J Silvey says:

Carly – you are such a wonderful woman. Completely inspired by you xxx

Mellisa Ross says:

Hi Carly. Thank you for yet another great and adorable video. You are wonderfully infectious! I belong to a gym that is 40 minutes from my house for several years and, despite how much I love this gym and how many amazing things I can do there, I just cancelled my membership because I rarely go thanks for the drive. I will be signing up at a local gym which is not my “swanky place” and doesn’t offer the variety of classes that I’m used to. I would love to do CrossFit but that is also not available in my rural area. Would love it if you would do a “how to do CrossFit in a regular gym” or tips and tricks to planning your own CrossFit style workout video to help get us started. Because this gym is less than 10 minutes from both home and work I’m hoping to work out five days a week and would love to do a CrossFit style. As always … xo

Jessica Newman says:

You are just a ray of sunshine ❤️ love watching you x

Hannah Matthews says:

Aw Carly you’re a beautiful person! Can see that you genuinely love helping people 🙂

daniela gómez says:

I would love to see you at Perú 😀

NothingButKaity says:

You are such an inspiration – doing what you love and being such a girl boss and you seem so lovely. I hope I get to meet you at some stage xx

praveen nambiar says:


Squats and Salads says:

loved seeing you!!!

beautyplayground says:

You’re so motivational!!

Iulita Georgieva says:

Love your videos and your positive energy! Yes please – definitely do more trips and challenges!

praveen nambiar says:


CopperGardenx says:

Loving your vlogs at the moment!! xx

Jeni H says:

It would be so cool to do Machu Picchu for a hiking challenge. I would get excited to train for that 🙂

Hannah says:

Carly you are such a natural beauty! you look so good atm, So lovely to watch the happiness glow from you. Your positivity and genuine kindness keeps me motivated and want to try harder with fitness and my general attitude. You’re doing fab! x

Julia Whiting says:

Ooo v excited for Sunday. Hope skin stuff goes well xxx

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