CrossFit Supplements: The Best Supplements For CrossFit Athletes

Which supplements should CrossFit athletes take, and which ones should athletes stay away from? How much do these supplements actually affect performance? In this video, Ben and Andy talk nutrition, crush common misconceptions, and shed light on both the positives and negatives of supplements.

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Sven Georgiev says:

Very difficult subject. Now WODprep gave us their opinion. There is just too much conflicting information out there. Other sources that are great normally have said totally different things. I guess besides Whey and fish oil NO supplement is backed by almost everyone

Adam Quail says:

There is no way I would suggest someone start with 200-400mg of caffeine before a workout unless you want to kill someone. I would say start with 50-100mg. Most pre workouts contain 100-200mg.

Nic Schilling says:

Good article cutting to the chase. I took the Nutrition course from Ben and Andy last year and it was well worth the time. One item you don’t mention here is Probiotic for gut health. Where does that fall? I guess since it is not mentioned the “C” list as you state in the beginning however so many say that should be taken daily as well as multivitamin.

WODprep says:

Thanks for watching! For even more details on the topic, as well as all of the cited research and studies, check out our full article here:

The PIT says:

Just ask Gerrard SARMS are the best and it works.

David Smith says:

I would debate your suggestion proprietary blends are a scam. I believe traditional supplements they will hide things to help their own bottom line, but I wouldn’t use the same brush for other companies that list the studies and evidence for their product but protect their product behind the blend, otherwise other companies can copy it. Also what the hell is HMB? You didn’t explain what it is.

Vern Mravinec says:

Thanks for the article! Excellent! I do have a question. In Andy’s “The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Diet” article, he states that if you are doing intermittent fasting, then you should be using BCAA’s in the morning so you aren’t working out in the “fasted” state. BCAA’s were referred to as a category “C” supplement where there is no proof that it has any benefit in this video. Just looking for some clarification on the subject and whether or not when used this way, there is any benefit to their consumption. Thanks!

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