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CrossFit Open 19.4 Workout: Tips & Strategy for Scaled, RX, and Masters divisions! This is your complete CrossFit Open 19.4 WOD strategy & tips to help you get your best score possible in the 2019 CrossFit Open. To get the full written strategy, plus bonus warm-up, mobility, and recovery videos, go here:

Here are other useful CrossFit Open 19.4 links that I mentioned in the video:

Snatch Tips:
Bar Muscle Up Tips:
Pull-up Tips:

This is my FAVORITE BMU Tutorial video:

Full CrossFit Open 19.4workout Strategy Guide (includes masters and scaled):


René Mostert says:

Hi Ben, I love this page and I love Alfred! One question though. I did 19.4 today and I managed 2 rounds and 3 snatches RX (the snatches are quite heavy for me, so was pretty pleased with that!) The affiliate I performed this at stopped me at 9 minutes. Should I have been allowed to carry on until the 12 minutes were up or is what they did correct? One of my friends go to a different affiliate and they were allowed to carry on passed the 9 minutes to finish the first couplet.

Josh Winter says:

Thank you Ben! I look forward to this video and the warm-up before every event!

Laura Speth says:

Alfred got me to subscribe!

ryanragg23 says:

Thanks for the great tips on the CrossFit open wods!! But one thing that has been on my mind lately is the “learning” of certain movements in CrossFit, and the strict pull-up being one of them. It really all comes down to the athlete being strong enough to pull their body to the bar.

Master Crossfit says:

Thanks for including comments on 55+ division!

Michael Foster says:

Starts at 1:44

marquixxxable says:

It’s always a pleasure to watch you being so pedagogical.
Needless to say that I follow your advice, from warm up to the actual work out.
Very relevant, all the way

Chris Biagi says:

Just curious, why will someone get no – repped for death grip – 16:01? I get ripped palms from it and i’m slowly fixing that.

Chris Yake says:

Ben’s tips helped me learn butterfly pull-ups overnight!

Sheila Gazzard says:

Ben….can you talk about avoiding the forearm pump in the next video on improving your 19.4 video? I can do bar muscle ups but I found that when I got to the bar after the first workout, I couldn’t hold onto the bar… forearms were so fried!

Darryl Hoover says:

Really appreciate the great tips. Been following you since my first Open, 14.1, and have found your tips really helpful! Thanks from the OLD guy 55 Master Category!

Serafeim Davranis says:

That was a well spent 20min break from work! Keep app the good work…thank you!

WODprep says:

Useful links: Get FULL Strategy Guide Here:
This is my FAVORITE BMU Tutorial video:
Snatch Tips:
Bar Muscle Up Tips:
Pull-up Tips:

Holly S DuVall BeachBeauty says:

As Always! Great Stuff! TY!

Clement Sell says:

Great tips thanks! I thought of doing the first couplet as fast as possible unbroken. Than going 3, 3, 2, and 2 bar muscle ups. And taking time but not too slow on Burpees as to not kill my arms. I’ll be 14-15 division rx.

Growing Green Tomatoes with Jen Miller says:

❤️ Alfred❤️

Rob Walker says:

If someone draws chalk on the floor, I’m coming for you haha!

Diego Arce says:

Hey! Amazing tips! I will try them tomorrow! But I’d like to thank you for the 19.2 single T2B tips. I couldn’t try it with the open, but yesterday I had to do 50 T2B and I did in single and I notice that I was faster than the people who do more than 5 unbroken T2B and then they had to rest a lot of time.

dzudiy says:

The Open tips are so helpful, not only for the Open workouts. Thanks to you I finally realized that singles can be much more efficient then bigger sets. And finally I have broken my mental barrier of doing Toes to Bar during WODs and I stopped scaling them. Single T2B are doable for me, but trying to hit more in the row was always a fail 🙂

jesus voltaire itaralde says:

keep up the good tips.

Miro says:

Hi, thank you for your tips! I´m glad I watched this video on my way to the gym this morning because before that I had been counting on just doing 1 or 2 strict BMU and end there. I had never done kipping BMU without band assistance before. But today I tried this “box drop-in” method and I did 5 BMU in this WOD! 🙂 So thank you for my first kipping BMU!

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