CrossFit Open 19.2 Tips & Strategy (NEW! WODprep Official!)

CrossFit Open 19.2 is here. This is the complete CrossFit 19.2 workout tips & strategy to help you get your best score possible in the 2019 CrossFit Open. To get the written 19.2 Open strategy, plus bonus warm-up, mobility, and recovery videos, go here:

Here are the other useful 19.2 links I mentioned in the video:
– Double Under Video:
– Double Under Progression Blog:
– Toes To Bar Video:
– Toes To Bar Progression Blog:
– Barbell Clean Tips:
– “Rich Froning” Secret:
– How to tape your thumbs:

Here’s the belt I’m using:
Here are my shoes:
Here are my knee sleeves:

GoFundMe for CMCF (amazing $24k+ raised!):

Full 19.2 WOD Strategy Guide:

Changes to the 2019 CrossFit Games Season:

19.1 workout strategy:

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Penley Produce says:

Any way to donate through a 503C charity to the fund raiser … or must it all go through GoFundMe? Thx … appreciate your help #wodprep

Juan Castro Walker says:

Hi !
Excelente job guys !
Got a problem. My left calf is giving me troubles , got some pull/tear on my calf . What do you
suggest I can do to DO the 19.2 ?

Danielle T says:

this time round my weights are lighter 55 + division … i hope to break through the 8 min barrier…

p0ddie says:

Just as feedback for you: I tried ttb singles today and it did not work for me at all. It took way more time than doing small sets. It took me 1:45 for 25 single ttb.I of course ran out of time after 8 minutes, so after another 10 minutes I jumped back on the bar and timed ttb 51-75 with 5×5 sets: 1:15. I actually felt gassed a little more with the singles than after the 5×5. I am sure singles are good for someone, but not me. Great, now I have to do this thing again due to ego reasons 😉

royal23 says:

Thanks a lot. Great videos and tips!

Jonathan Lynch says:

I just wanted to say a super big THANK YOU!! Re-did 19.2 and did my TTB as singles…. added 49 reps!! Thanks again!

Andrea Diaz says:

Followed WODprep strategy back in 2016, will do this year again 🙂 one of my favorite workouts!!

Lucy Higham says:

So glad you said do single t2b because that’s all I can do, tactically haven’t worked on linking them all year /s

WODprep says:

Here are the IMPORTANT links to help you crush CrossFit Open 19.2.
– Full strategy guide:
– Double Under Video:
– Toes To Bar Progression:
– Barbell Clean Tips:
– GoFundMe for CMCF: (Over $24k raised last week!)

Richard Ushka says:

Always great tips!!! Thank you!!

Reno Rippa says:

Great advice, watched the Aus open this morning and they were doing exactly that singles on squat cleans!

Tommy Nguyen says:

Awesome video Ben! What kind of jump rope are you using these days?

Ben Berrios says:

How do you do dubs is lifters??

norman quinones says:

My dubs are inconsistent. Just hoping and praying they show up tonight when I do the workout!

Jim says:

Ben, great tip on doing single T2B’s. I would not have gotten to 25 trying to string multiples.

marquixxxable says:

Ben, thanks for all those tips. I appreciate it

Amanda McDowell says:

Watched the Froning technique. But is he breathing during the rep? Or only between?

Beach House CrossFit says:

Good Stuff! As ALWAYS!!

Nic Schilling says:

Singles TTB is mind boggling. I’m going to try it. Looking forward to the day after video for working out the soreness. Thanks again Ben! How many dogs do you have??

Martin Jansson says:

Great advice, is it okej to land infront of the bar at the TTB. The rules say that the heels have to be behind the bar from the start but nothing of how you end the TTB

Sascha says:

Are you sure your t2b low bar strategy is according to the rules? It says you have to start from a full hang. Together with the picture at the movement standard page it looks like full hang means arms and legs straight and still space between the floor and your feet

Vegetable Cake says:

CrossFit is a millennial white Suprematist movement, created so white people could claim to be fittest on the planet.  
As if white people are the fittest on earth??  hahahahaha. What a fucking joke.

Shannon Sofield says:

I am not sure the single method w feet starting behind plane while in ground is a good rep. Standards are that it starts in a hang. Not 100% clear in the judges course either.

Sevi Karaalieva says:

Thanks Ben for the great tips. I was really worried about the TTB and your approach with singles makes it look easier. Will try it.
In addition, Alfred is awesome.

Jonathan S Homteeb says:

OMG !!! If only I could subscribe twice for your dog !!! XXXX

jeff hildreth says:

Awesome stuff #Wodprep. I’m going to break up the TTB right away. Great plan! I had originally thought of doing big unbroken sets to save time. But an extra 30 seconds won’t help me if I’m crushed later in the workout.

kpemflyin says:

Your videos are so helpful. The prep video for 19.1 helped me so much to stay consistent throughout the workout. Will be doing 19.2 Saturday morning and will make sure to remember those tips! Thank you!

Jud Beasley says:

Hey man, thanks for the video. What was your score on 16.2 when you did single T2B ?

Zak Columber says:

So much fire!!! $$$

L F says:


Gary Banford says:

Tried logging in to Website a few times now and still waiting for confirmation email!?!?

Chip Cunningham says:

Who won the swag from last week for donating?

Zaugo says:

Thanks for the great tips! I was wondering that is it better to do the womens scaled cleans with a lighter bar (7,5kg vs normal 15kg) so I can put on plates that I can drop to the floor? I tried a couple of reps with a 15kg bar and small plates and spent so much energy just setting the bar down.

Łukasz Załuski says:

So would you recommend to do the whole workout with olympic weightlifting shoes? What about the double unders? And thanks for the video! It’s awsome and helpful as always! Greetings from Poland.

Flossy Bot says:

OMG, it’s going to be 41C here in Adelaide, South Australia tomorrow!! Lol, what to wear…

Danielle T says:

thanks Ben …. well presented …

EG says:

Is it easy to do double unders with weightlifting shoes? I never tried!

Juan Camilo Cortés says:

16.2 I didn’t have Double Unders, it was my first open, let’s see how far can I get now!!! Thanks for the great tips as usual!

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