CrossFit® Open 18.4 WOD Tips & Strategy [WODprep OFFICIAL!]

CrossFit Open 18.4 Workout Tips & Strategy from WODprep! Please go to to get the free training guide to go along with this video for Open WOD 18.4. Also, here are some more video suggestions for you to help with HSPU and HSW…

Handstand Push-Up Tutorial Playlist:

Handstand Walk Tutorial Playlist:

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Michael Marx says:

Hey buddy, thanks for the videos. From the UK and a primary school teacher.

Idene Doyer says:

Idene Doyer, South-Africa, Hair and Beauty industry!

christian ramstedt says:

Christian from Åhus, Sweden. Technical operator

Axel says:

I’m a combat medic in the Swedish armed forces

HelenaMisfit says:

Elizabeth, NJ in IT

Daniel Mulgrew says:

Hey Ben, I’m a Medical student watching from Northern Ireland 🙂

Maz says:

Hi There, Maz from Montrose, Minnesota, USA; I work in healthcare. Thanks!

Terra Cox says:

Illinois & a veterinary technician!

Miguel Frascella says:

Hi this is Miguel
Sitting at LAX flight canceled 🙁
From Dallas I am 50 restaurateur

Darren Taylor says:

Darren from NC, Fire Department, and part time angus cattle raiser

Brett Costantino says:

Coming at you from Columbia, Maryland and I’m a Firefighter!

Michael Fisher says:

I’m here in sunny Port Macquarie NSW Australia. I am a registered Nurse. I started Crossfit at the age of 53 and am loving it, unfortunately not able to take part in this years games due to a few niggling injuries. Keep up the great videos, very informative especially for beginners:)

Shay Stone says:

UK, vet nurse.

Cathleen Barnhart says:

HI Ben. Cathleen here. I’m from White Plains, NY, although I’m watching the 18.4 video in Paris. I’m a freelance writer and editor.

Joann Tilton says:

Joann from Manteca, CA. I’m retired w/35 years of public service in local government.

Aaron Payne says:

Weatherman for the US Navy

shacharre says:

I’m from Israel, and I am an Electornics engineer

Marcel Martins Bittar says:

I’m from Brazil- Rio de Janeiro and im an civil Engineering

Mario Aguiluz says:

Mario Aguiluz from Guatemala, entrepreneur

Lisa Stokx says:

I’m very new to Crossfit and have found WODprep super helpful. I’m in NSW Australia and a yoga instructor and health coach

Carlos Angeles says:

Watching this from Texas working out in the oil field

Adrienne Chambers says:

Your videos are so helpful! I’m from Kodiak, Alaska. I am a Guardian ad litem.

Tyler Hennis says:

Hey Ben,
I’m in the beautiful San Diego, California and I’m​ a college student.

Horváth Dániel says:

Hello, I’m Daniel from Bag, Hungary, and I’m a financial assistant. Cheers!

Dawn Amador says:

San Jose, Entrepreneur

Peter Bernstein says:

Watching from White Plains, NY, USA. I am a physician. Your videos are very helpful.

Jennifer Seidel says:

Jen from New Jersey. I am a pilates instructor

David Warden says:

I’m watching this in Idaho Falls, ID. I’m a physician. Age 57 . Got 92 on 18.4.

andrea vincer says:

Hi Ben. I am a nurse in Florida, USA. Thank you for your tips. 🙂

brwilro says:

Hi Ben,My name is Roy, I am a professional firefighter from the Netherlands.I really enjoy your video’s. I got my first ring muscle up tanks too your videos.Tanks!

Steven Williams says:

Just found WODprep! Great stuff Ben! I’m in Herndon, Virginia USA and I am in sales for an emerging talent company

Kirsty Winkle says:

I’m an Engineer in Scotland! Loving the videos, getting me through my first open 🙂

Keli Holley says:

Auburn, AL. I’m a Nurse Practitioner.

Philip Palmer says:

Watching from Houston, Texas. I’m in sales. Thanks for the strategies and tips!

James Alexander says:

Auckland New Zealand, Contracts Manager

Kevin Carnett says:

Kevin from Houston Tx.. Engineer & CrossFit coach!

Karen Soley says:

Karen, from Anglesey , North Wales. I’m a pharmacy dispenser.

Leo campagnoli says:

from Brazil , Crossfit Coach !

Ahmedkassak says:

Great advice, specially the focus on the heels. I’m watching from Sweden and work as the Head of Sales within an insurance company.

PetraAruba says:

I’m in ARUBA and i’m a law student 🙂

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