CrossFit – Coaching the Clean and Jerk with Natalie Burgener

Natalie Burgener coaches the clean & jerk.


batteryfarmfilms says:

Brooke looks so kawaii

Liamm Rogers says:

Why do orthopedics love crossfit?

Because no one else goes to the gym to get injured

F.J Viera says:

Looks a lot like Brooke Ence.

BoBa K says:

I believe the title is incorrect (or I may be missing something).  CLEAN should include a front squat, according to this crossfit journal article

David says:

Great demonstration and tips!

Daniel J Maximoff says:

I’m learning that at crossfit. Practice makes perfect!

Philip Wells says:

inshape women are gross

LordMarkie 88 says:

i didnt see that much improvement with the blonde chicks technique, but the little brunette seemed to know what she was talking about.

Yudhveer Singh says:

the one who is performing should teach

Gabriel Martinez says:

geez this form 🙁 this is why weightlifters hate crossfit.

a Stephen says:

this broad is built like a brick..

Cj Thai says:

does the bar slide up your shins at the beginning of the clean?

anthony corio says:

Female teaching it great …..

scarlett gonzalez says:

parecían dibujos , mujeres no reales

Tom Murphy says:

I bet Brooke was like ‘fuck this bitch!’

michael Jacobs says:

can you jerk and clean 5inches?

Nerea Toro Alvarez says:

Eso es un power clean no un clean…

oerllikon2 says:

I could go for a jerk and clean

Spongetroll Raviolipants says:

I actually practiced the jerk and clean watching this vid.

jose2883 pv says:

How much weight is she lifting?

Ruben V says:

She was doing it right the first time, you messed her up.

Jorgh Istkrieg says:

These glutes are too low, compromising stability and neutral position of the spine

tigeremblem says:

Look fine to me

Dude Breh says:

I am in oly weightlifting with snatch and clean and jerk and this person doesn’t do the split jerk plus she needs to do a full squat

Domantas ANnon says:

I just started soing c&j at 17 years old i can do 75KG at 58KG bodyweight benchpress 100KG (6mnths training 50kg to 100kg) and deadlift 125KG (first time) bicep curl 50KG x4 squat 105KG also first time , my dad was strong as hell when he was my age he was 62kg and he could bench 120kg and he was bodybuilding not power and i only go for power just hit 36 chin ups no kipping

Lorryslorryss says:

Power clean and push press? What is this nonsense, where is the clean and jerking footage?

Dude Breh says:

My dad’s names is Scott Jensen he used to be one of the best lifter back in the 70s to i dont know 80s or 90s

Sach Ganvir says:

Where is the clean? Doing a power clean!

Karina Damiani says:

Is that Brook Ence???

Sagar Kadam says:

Who is that girl in a blue, beautiful goddess

Hax The Unjust says:

brookes body was perfect here

victor salerno says:

is that Broke Ence?

Spongetroll Raviolipants says:

I prefer to do the jerk and clean

Eddie's VLOGS says:

Is that Brooke Ence?


They are actually Jean and Clerks!!! I changed the name!

Dana Bachman says:

is that Brooke Ence?

지나가던나그네인데요 says:

운동하는여자, 정말 매력적이네요.
특히 남자들의 주운동을 하는 여자들이요

kelsey shenton says:

i thought a proper clean had to be caught with knees at 90 degrees or less. this is a poor demo

nicertube says:

Like Brooke Ence doesn’t know how to do it. lulz

Aaron S. says:

Brooke that you??

Rick James-Bitche says:

theres like zero time under tension on the jerk… this has to be for strength only and not hypertrophy right?

Brother Freedom says:

Just get in the kitchen and make me a fokkin sandwich.

Taxidermistification says:

She does it well. If the weight is really heavy lifters dip into a squat, stand up, and then jerk. The real hazard is trying to jerk without smacking the bar off your own chin.

jonathan Steeler7 says:

is that Brooke ence doing the exercise??!?

Albert Head says:

Cross-fit is one of the most bizarre phenomenons I have ever seen. It was started by a man who has absolutely NO education in physical training whatsoever and this is evident by the very silly (and sometimes risky – even dangerous) techniques taught, including techniques that ten to put undue stress on joints and white fiberous tissue. Additional the training effect is reduced by the common reliance on momentum (the technique taught for pull-ups is a prime example). The technique taught for the use of bells is another. All very sketchy!

Matthew Espinoza says:

Ugh this isn’t a clean and jerk lol..

Sandro Stadler says:

Worst technique for heavy weights…

KiloCharlieOne says:

Damn Brooke looked mighty normal in 2013.

SURocks03 says:

she has amazing legs

bam tang says:

Jerk phase is what bit clean I guess is off floor

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