Crossfit Beginner | 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Crossfit

Crossfit Beginner | 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Crossfit

When starting Crossfit we can get really excited and wrapped up in the new workout regimen, but there are some things we have all learned along the way, that when known of sooner rather then later, can help you make even more progress in your health and fitness!

These are 5 things that all CrossFit beginners should know when starting out!


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Paul Johnson says:

Just stumbled on this video. I would emphasize that it’s ok to scale! Great video!

Joshua Dreyer says:

Great video!

* * says:

You spelled technique wrong, but great video and tips!!! Sorry for being the grammar nazi. My technical writing class has ruined me. Lol

ZDzociety says:

Thanks mann

Justin Thomas says:

Awesome video.

Sri9279 says:

Select the right muscle groups for training…for instance burpees with pull ups. It’s quite easy to schedule poorly and lose it or get injured

Cat Catt says:

Are u a meat eater?

NANA4LAW1 says:

Also good to learn is crossfit lingo and acronyms. When u first walk into a box you have no clue what it all means. So good to familiarize yourself before hand.

The Oracle Speaks says:

Man this was really really really good!!!

Akshay Baliyan says:

Good work mate… Thanx

Michaelyn Tsosie says:

I just started going two months ago. Im having fun and learning alot.

MissAtlantique says:

Good stuff mate. Applicable to not just cross fit but any other type or sport/work out

Scott McGuire says:

Great advice and a lot of over look stuff.

Kevin M says:

#5 is the biggest one. I’m 46 years old and life long athlete, but if I tried to keep up with a technical movements at the weight my ego felt I was capable of, I would have been injured in the first week. Go slow, focus on technique, and never decide on a weight without considering the volume.

Janos Aldroun says:

I think these are good tips for starting any exercise program

lindayya says:

Omg! You are so cute.

Jessie _ says:

This guy is a real captain obvious

Jasyjaz Miller says:

Awesome !!!!

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