CrossFit – A Competitor’s Zone Prescription: Part 1

Matt Chan explains how to create a baseline Zone Diet plan for competitive athletes and how to intelligently deviate from it in this video shot at a CrossFit Competitor’s Course at CrossFit Park City.

Only 10 percent of CrossFit Games athletes say they weigh and measure their food, Chan notes in Part 1.

“Now you may say, ‘Oh, I guess that’s not important.’ But in my opinion what that says to me is that 90 percent of the Games athletes can improve,” says the Level 1 Seminar Staff member who finished second at this year’s CrossFit Games.


Meet Parikh says:

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Well, when you were nearly run over by the cyclist-and i was holding you and you were looking up at me – all ‘kiss me , kiss me, Christian

suman rai says:

Have you tried “Epic Lean Body”? (check it out on google) It is a quick and easy way for you to lose weight fast.

Joel Holmes-Darby says:

How do fruits take you back to an alkaline state if they are acidic?

mau fredes says:

safety first right? hahaahahaha

John boy says:

Question, just starting on zone for weightloss. Tryin to get my food block tool box together, So I cant find the size block for tomato pasta sauce. Can you help?? And maybe a good online source too . Thanks john , DkNy

Evan Mattiza says:

killer job matt. you know your nutrition.

Jonathan Kennon says:

Does anyone else think he looks like Ryan Reynolds jacked brother?

Marquese Reid says:

lol no shame in your game i see…i guess you dont want these results lol lol…naw jk jk jk man…do you

rstingle88 says:

Brendan, if you study the science behind the Paleo-Zone, it basically comes down to the “quality” of foods you ingest will do more for you in the long run, its the basic “quality vs quantity”. In this case, its the quality of the nutrients, not the quantity of calories.


Sure is right. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly.

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Sunny Shakhawala says:

Hey everyone! I’m scouring the internet for a meal replacement / supplement bar that is paleo & zone friendly but can’t seem to find one anywhere!! Some bars are Paleo, but the macro ratio isn’t in line. Even the bars on the proper zone website don’t follow the 7/9/3 p/c/f ratio. Has anyone comes across supps / meal replacements that actually follow the zone ratio? has anyone come across anything that is zone AND paleo? If so, please let me know. I’m getting a bit tired of my same old 1 scoop, 1 banana, 9 almond smoothie snack.

Sebastian Yu says:

So if I do one WOD with one strength workout, what’s the activity level? Still .7 or it jump to .8?

left1506 says:

So after applying the formula my result was 4.8
Does that mean 4 blocks a meal?

Brendan Miller says:

25blocks equals approx a total of 2000 calories (and thats high). a 210 pound male whom works out 3 times a day this is simply not enough…. sorry

Spoknot Barbas says:

Have you heard about Max Muscle Method? (do a google search for it) It is a quick way for you to get ripped fast.

uhukauai says:

Matt is a beast athlete and he’s very knowledgeable!

Megan Kohtz says:

Most women need 2-3 blocks per meal and 1 block per snack with 3 meals and 2 snacks. Most men need 3-4 blocks per meal and 1 block per snack. If you are more active and/or have larger Lean Body Mass you need more blocks. However to get an accurate idea you need to read the book “The Zone” and use your lean weight and activity level to calculate how many blocks you need. It’s all in the book. I like Mastering the Zone book the best b/c it’s simple and straight forward.

drmmerguy160 says:

Can someone clarify that these calories are in addition to our Caloric needs based on our BMR. I feel like that is a pretty important piece of information.

MegaUnavailableusern says:

they aren’t just fit but smart as fuck too.

Spoknot Barbas says:

To people who want to get ripped some day. Just go And Google Max Muscle Method to find out more.

Shaun S says:

I have the same question. I just started doing crossfit workouts about a month ago, but still like lifting heavy and I only have time to workout once a day. I split my workouts into 2 days upper body/ lower body and rest on the third day. I also start with a warm-up, Olympic/ power lift ( 2 rep max effort 10 rounds) then end the workout with a crossfit wod. Is this a effective way to train and also is that consider a single workout or two?

chyczem says:

What are activity levels for for people just starting , being overweight, training 3 times a week?
Does fish oil supp. adds up with fat blocks per meal?

Jerry Onmalm says:

The zone diet is calculated with the purpose that each ‘block’ you eat contains a extra amount of kcal.

if a meal is 1 block (1P=9g,1C=7,1F=3) that equals to = 91 kcal.
91 kcal / block * 16 blocks = 1456 kcal.

But if you eat like this all day long, you can count with a 20% extra, your 1 block of fat may contain some carbs. Your protein often includes a couple grams of fat. You probably will eat closer to 1500-1600 kcal / day with this zone diet.

Sujit Bhandari says:

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when these normal people are able to burn fat easily using Zippy Fat Loss (search for it on google).

Monkey King says:

but he’s absolutely correct. The protein prescribed to support the lean body mass is grossly undercalculated. Realistically you’re going to need 1.0-1.5g/lb of LBM.

Eric Taylor says:

unless your the athlete hes talking about up to the week of the games doing 3 to 4 met-cons a session than your activity level for a normal athlete is gonna be about .7 most people tend to over exagerate their own activity levels. what i suggest is just going with what is working for you. adjust week to week and see how your performance differs. stick to the one that works best.

Sam Gomez says:

Wayyyyyhayhayhayyyyyy too low!!! WTF?? At 170lbs and 12% bf I am currently eating 3600 kcal a day (very accurately measured and very consistent) just to MAINTAIN my current weight… epic fail pseudoscience

Ben says:


Isam Al Abbasi says:

very informative video, one question though.. How do you measure or estimate the activity level?

ricksick says:

Love the extension cord under the whiteboard!

Rehan Jaya says:

Millions of people have the priceless gift to melt fat — but don’t take advantage of it. Go and Google Fat Blast Blueprint to unlock your full weight loss potential.

Katie Hergenrother says:

Not a Games athlete, but this was still very helpful for me! Thank you so much for sharing! 

vikingblood81 says:

Question for the group-In reference to “Activity Level,” he talks about the difference b/w one WOD a day, and two (lift heavy in the a.m., metcon after work for example). So, if my typical day at the gym involves going only once, but I do a warmup, dynamic effort Oly or power lifting, followed by a short rest (5 mins) and finally an 8-15 min Metcon (or 4-5 rounds) immediately thereafter, for planning purposes, would you consider that a single workout (since my body never “comes down”),or two?

ScrubGouki xxfatalxfunnelxx says:

i don’t thik your froning guy eats like this. he has the “hulk holgan” mentality. “eat your veggies, take your vitamins, and say your prayers”.

Rachel R says:

lots of comments saying these amounts are too low– this example he gave was to MAINTAIN not grow lean body mass and with the workout factored in, you will most likely loose some body fat over time. again, this is not for muscle growth/weight gain necessarily, but for a good maintenance plan for your everyday regular joe who’s recently started crossfit.

Taylor Ward says:

Your lungs and kidneys along with other processes keep your body in a very tight pH. If they didn’t, you would die. This food acidosis thing has been debunked as pseudoscience time and time again. Wish people would drop it. It just makes them look ignorant. You’ll never see an MD or PhD talking about this stuff.

josem0120 says:

I’m watching this while eating cookies and ice cream. No shame at all.

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