CrossFit 19.1 Open WOD Strategy & Tips – WODprep OFFICIAL!

This is the complete CrossFit® 19.1 WOD Strategy & Tips to help you get your best score possible on Open WOD 19.1. For the complete warm-up and written strategy, go here:

Here are the other useful 19.1 links I mentioned in the video:

“Clearing Stroke” Wall ball Tips:

CFCM’s Incredible Story:

Full Strategy Guide:

Changes to the 2019 CrossFit Games Season:

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Small Retardedfish says:

15 min AMRAP vs 17:20 video – great, super indeed

John Woods says:


Daryn Berger says:

Thanks for the video and fundraiser heads up. I made a donation.

Vigorous Life says:

Thank you not only for the great tips and content, but also for the awareness and big heart for all of our Crossfit community. Donation sent #WODPREP

Travis Miller says:

6 + 11, should have listened to you and broken up wall balls from the start. went 19-19 then was destroyed on rounds 3-6.

Jamie Jansen says:

I am going to start using that: “This is an inappropriate way to row… to snatch… to clean” etc. love it!

khafros says:

thanks for the tips ! used them today ! 😀

Zaugo says:

Sooo, I got hit in the face with a wall ball trying to relax my arms to have a micro brake..

Karen Arnold says:

Family is right!

Martin E. says:

Can somebody explain why not start with a 10 on the rower? I know, it is easier with a 5 or 6, but will it “burn” less calories?

Nuno Brandão says:

Hi mate
I have a question for u
I do crossfit for more than a year
3 times per week
I do cycling to
Im going to do a lot of races now
I try to ride 3 to 4 times per week
No rest day

Should i reduce crossfit to 2x and focus on the bike

Heather MacPherson says:

Thank you Ben for all you’ve done to bring awareness to Custom Made CrossFit and for your generosity. I cannot wait to meet you and do a workout when they rebuild. This IS happening!!!

Maryna Trach says:

That was very helpful!!! Rower tips helped a lot!!! Your videos always the best!!! Thank you!

WODprep says:

Help a box rebuild, win free stuff…. here are the links:
CFCM GoFundMe (We match $ for $!):
“Clearing Stroke” Wall ball Tips:
CFCM’s Incredible Story:
Full Strategy Guide:

Afitterhealthieryou01 says:

Yay! I love your opens series video tips. Helping me tackle the opens since 2014! Thank you Ben and Dr Depalma, can’t wait for the next 5 weeks.

Olivier Furnémont says:

Very good tips for the rower!
I plan on dividing the wall balls in 7 + 6 + 6 since I’m not tall and this is going to burn 🙂
I have donated because I would be devastated if my box was burned to the ground!

Candice The fledgling vegan says:

I don’t even participate in the open but these videos still have great tips and tricks for movement efficiency!

Jia Liang says:

I made almost all the strategic mistakes you mentioned.

D Daniel Hassell says:

Thanks dude. I may not get stronger but I feel smarter after watching.

F Tian says:

I missed the open signups but also was afraid of the pressure of the open after 1 yr of CF. Today I did the RX and was happy with my performance. I’m going sign up now…I’ll be sure to check your channel before next weeks!

lindayya says:

Done. It wasn’t that much but I hope it helps. #WODprep

Oliver Chapman says:

So I’m 17 years old 100kg (weight) and 6”5’ And I’ve been going for a few months and I’m hitting some PB (45kg in snatch and a 80KG front squat, I did that this week so I’m super proud) my mum signed me up without me knowing because she thinks “you will be really good at this” and I’m actually really excited to do this, I’m doing this on the 23rd (I’m British) so wish me luck.

Andreas Spieslehner says:

Thank you so much for providing amazing Content! I will redo 19.1 utilizing your Information! I’m Pretty sure I’ll get out 10-15% more reps!

Luke Smith says:

Is the rowing segment shot at Mako Athletics in Pensacola, FL ?

Jeremy Jeremy says:

The ball hit me in the nuts

Seth Westmoreland says:

Great tips on the Row! Save those quads as much as possible. Those clear outs on the wall balls are critical. Thanks so much!!

The Worst Person Ever says:

Crossfit is retarded af. haha

Thomas J Savage says:

I love the clearing stroke. I did lifters. And I went out too strong. Re-doing on Monday … Thanks!!

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