CrossFit®️ Tips For Beginners: 5 Major Mistakes To Avoid

Here are 5 major mistakes to avoid for CrossFit®️ beginners. We have several FREE courses that can help you improve skill work. Check them out at

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Michael Aphibal says:

More Murphy please!

I’ve been doing CF for 1.5 years.

Teresa Cesario says:

Murphy is so ADORABLE!!!

Osirius44 says:

I’d put more of an emphasis on a good pair of shoes. Going from flats to a set of Metcon 3’s spared my feet a lot of pain, and I’d likely not have the plantar fasciitis that I suffered through if I had bought them sooner.

Michelle Christy says:

I’m in week 5- I am definitely getting my own jump rope! And Thanks Murphy- for reminding me to subscribe- I need all the tips I can get.

Hunter Winslow says:

Omg murphy is sooooo cute

UOfan714 says:

Love the videos, thanks for the content!

Jerry Mattice says:

Please forgive me. I am old and I hate that everything has to be an abbreviation now. Wtf is a “PR”? I see this all the time and don’t know what it stands for. 😉

Val Randria says:

I’ve done crossfit for almost a year. Not having my own jump rope is my biggest mistake. I really never thought it could help to have your own 😉 thank you for this video!

Debbie Verstraeten says:

The DOG… AWESOME hahahaha

Brenda Correa says:

I had to chuckle here and there because I am so attached to my protective gear and my workout supplements.. and because I am working around old injuries, I am afraid of certain wods. I have been doing crossfit this is going into my 6th month. Having to modify makes me doubt why I am doing this to myself. Thanks for the info!

Josef Schneider says:

Always cool tips from BenZi

camille aigail says:

MURPHY!!! My heart melted when he popped up! I wish I could hit the subscribe button more than once, just for him!! 🙂

Won Choi says:

I have been doing Crossfit for 6 months and made some of the same mistakes you listed. Having my own jump rope helped me get dubs and a good pair of shoes made a big difference.

Kerry C. says:

One year or all the above

Commandoswede says:

This year is my first serious experience of crossfit. I would have to say that I realize in need to get my own rope. I think that I have neglected the importance of having your personal rope.

Russell Britton says:

In my second to last class this week, I could do double-unders, then in the last class I couldn’t. I’m 100% sure it was because the rope was different and it was so frustrating. Thanks for highlighting a simple mistake that’s easy to fix. Next stop, sports shop to buy my own jump rope.

Vittoria Panizza says:

Totally agree, I own my rope since day one. RPM a very expensive one but I am still not able to do double under!!!!

siasom705 says:

In mistake #2 you reference “PR” several times. What does that stand for?

Dustin Peele says:

It’ll be two years for me on June 23rd. First piece of equipment I owned was the jump rope, great point you made about that. I feel that shoes, not lifters, should also fall into a must own. For the longest time I crossfitted in my running shoes that had maximum cushioning and forced me to be on my toes more than I wanted during oly lifts. Once I bought a pair of metcons my life changed for the better. Great video, two thumbs up!

Kris S. says:

I have been doing crossfit for 8 months and the first thing I bought was some good quality shoes. Feet are the foundation after all. I just bought myself a jump rope and let me tell you I should have done it a long time ago. I bought a beast mode one from Amazon for about $18 and it has two different thicknesses. Love it too. I was able to get 9 consecutive DU for the first time last week!!

Kyle Lawrence says:

Great video, and great call on people skipping workouts that contain movements that they aren’t proficient at. Be comfortable being uncomfortable, it’s the only way to improve. Awesome dog, too!

Michaelyn Tsosie says:

This is my 4th month with CrossFit. Great tips..

Joe Reynolds says:

Guilty of skipping snatches and OHS.

Doug Newby says:

I have been doing CrossFit for about 8 months and I am aware of all 5 of the mistakes. They are very common and most people struggle with one or all of them. I have dabbled in each one but the one I continually fight is to remember to run my own race. Looking at others and wanting to do what they do is very tempting. I do not fall prey to it very often but it is the one that will still creep up if I am not careful about my mindset.

James Hill says:

Been doing crossfit 5 years, this was helpful. Subscribed.

F Javier Mont says:

Gear dependance and skipping workouts is a deadly combination. Yesterday I almost skipped, because I left my Nanos at home and had some running shoes and the WOD had rope climbs (Which I dont do that much). The class went fine and I got to practice my rope climbs. And one time I had to do front squats and left my lifters AND nanos at home. Had to do them in running shoes. Probably one of the most solid front squat days I’ve ever had.

BuLLeT_ZA says:

I’m 8 months in and starting to hit that wall, mostly due to mobility shortcomings (tight hamstrings causing rounded lower back in deadlift movements). This isn’t surprising as I was not a sporty person at all before CrossFit, and is simply one more obstacle to overcome. The nice thing is that I’m still making technical breakthroughs often, DU’s, HSPU etc. As for your list, the workouts at our affiliate is only posted after the last session of the day most of the time, which has had a very positive affect on the members. I’m guilty of #5 Leaderboarding. I have a friend who started a couple of months prior to me, who I try to match. I see it as a good benchmark, but it has come back to bite me from time to time, especially if I fail. As a side note, I plan to follow your BMU program to get at least one before the 1 year mark.

Scott Landis says:

Tip#6. Don’t do CrossFit.

Sarah Beth Joslin says:

Haha definitely not. Just went to my first class (ever) yesterday— but I’m joining a gym this week!

denise Williams says:

What does PR mean? I’m new to CrossFit

Pablo Noel Ortiz Correa says:

Leaderboarding is the one I’m guilty for…that need to compete gets to your head and then you just lost it for looking like an obsessed person for everyone’s results

look2much2 says:

Noobs need to learn ow to scale IMO this is most important.

joeymoonman says:

I’m not new; I am a box owner. I do my own boxes programming. I neglected to program muscle ups for a year do to the overwhelming majority of our athletes not being anywhere close to a muscle up. I lost my muscle ups in that time. I can’t get one to save my life anymore. It’s an example of cherry picking; I avoided my own weakness by not programming it and now its my biggest Achilles heel. Love wod prep. I refer my clients to it all the time. Thank you Brian for what you do.

S.D. Houston says:

Having just started doing crossfit almost a month ago, I definitely appreciate this! Thanks!

carwashguy says:

I’m super gear dependant on pullups/c2b/t2b/musceups – I need my gymnastic straps – lol

F. Tian says:

Thx Ben….wrist band been life saver as there been a few times my clean didn’t land properly and had it not been for the band, I don’t know what shape my left wrist would’ve been. I always had wrist problem and the band just been amazing in preventing pain and stiffness and injury for me.

ipouerie says:

Mistake #1 (Skipping workouts with skills I hated). And mistake #4. Not buying my own rope. I got over these mistakes now. On the right path with WODPrep.

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