Can I Pass The CrossFit Level One Course?

I decided to take CrossFit’s Level One Certificate course. Can I pass the test? And find out why I took it to begin with!

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Elemental19001 says:

An example of what an important role a coach can play in someone’s life:

French Bulldog 1 says:

Why would you want to ?

Coach JG says:

The real question should be can you fail it lool

Sharon Lloyd says:

i thought crossfit was supposed to be bad for your body

Evil Freidburg says:

I have been doing crossfit since I was in fourth grade. Charm city competition anyone?

Myah Riley says:

Go Jordan! That’s amazing go and keep doing great things and inspiring us.

Jasmine Morkeh says:

Love these videos,keep um comin!

Tia D says:

Aww that’s awesome.. Congrats!

lain says:

Good job, gurl!

Max Gold says:

I wish I could join a CrossFit but they are too expensive!

iamfabulous09 says:

Woo hoo Congrats!

missblueskydreamer says:

Congrats Jordan!!

Annetastic ! says:

Congrats Jordan!!! I’m so proud of you!

Robin Wagganer says:

Way to go, Jordan! For some reason, I thought you would end with, “so I’m going to Disneyland” but not sure why that popped into my brain. Congratulations!!

munka214 says:

Congrats Jordan!!

Annabel Gauci says:

Well done! It was very eye opening to hear about other people’s motivations

Isabella Eileen says:

I’m 15 and have been doing CrossFit for about 2 1/2 years. I have been thinking about getting my L1 certification for the same reasons. I would love to learn more about CrossFit and potentially be a coach one day.

Maria Bruno says:

Fun episode! I see that Gene Williams was one of the staff!! He’s one of my favorite coaches on the whole plant Earth and I’m so glad he’s on the Level 1 staff, such a great person and wonderful coach. Amazing person to learn from 😀

Jordan Bird says:

Anyone else notice creepy shoulder touch guy at around 4 minutes. I have been that bored guy before.

Lea McClenaghan says:


ballroomred says:

I so agree. Learning at that level has so much value, no matter whether you plan to teach or not. I did my yoga teacher training last year with no intention of teaching, no regrets. Now I’m 2/3 of the way through my initial sailing certification

Natalie Smythe says:

My mom has her level one certification.

Carpman says:

Why does this sound like Scientology programing ?

Derek Morris says:

I’m surprised they were OK with you filming during the course. The staff was adamant about no filming whatsoever when I took mine. They cared a lot about the Day 1 workout bring a secret (make everyone think it’s Fran).

Seventh Trumpet Tattoos says:

Is there anything you need to do in order to take this seminar ? Say you wanted to coach one day would you need to take college classes along with this certification ?

WolfPrincess says:

Congrats Jordan! It’s a big step. I started Crossfit in December and after my first class I fell in love. Such a great community

Alexandra Lee says:

Congratulations Jordan! So happy for you!

lizzie S. says:

can you do a kipping pull-up instruction video? That would be so awesome!

Jersioca says:

Congratulations, me and my wife did it last weekend here in Brazil, it was such an amazing experience. Lot’s of new people to Crossfit in our class, which was really interesting to see. Coming out of that experience with lots of stuff bubbling in my head. =D

Emerald Clark says:

Wahoo!! Congratulations Jordan!! You inspire me so much!! Because of you I want to start my own CrossFit journey.

xx xidles xx says:

Hi Jordan! Question : Is it a requirement that you can perform all crossfit movements? e.g Ring muscle ups, bar muscle ups, etc…
Because I want to be certified but I can’t do them….

Watashi no Namae says:

Congratulations! This video couldn’t arrive at a better moment for me. I’m changing careers (adult education) and I was in a slump seeing other opportunities go by and not finding good offers and doubting myself: thanks for reminding me some of my motivations for this change: keep on learning to improve both for myself and others. You’re awesome!

Mohammed Almannaie says:

Congrats Sis !!! I’ve only been doing CrossFit for a year but I was thinking of Taking lvl1 just to have more knowledge bcuz I have absolutely no interest in coaching , i live judging and all but right now I love it so much I want to know more about what am loving .

Got any advice before going into cert 1? I have to travel to the closest country cuz we dont have it in the middle east ( we’re blocked by uae so I have to go to greece or something)

Jennifer Kerchner says:

I just started Crossfit 7 months ago and I am so glad I did. I feel stronger and more confident about my body after starting this workout lifestyle. I stumbled upon your channel a few weeks back and find you inspiring and motivating! I love your videos and you! You are down to earth and so passionate about your fitness journey ❤️❤️.

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