Beginners Guide to Snatching with Meg Squats |

Team Juggernaut Head Weightlifting Coach Max Aita (@max_aita) walks Meg Gallagher (@megsquats) through some training for the snatch along with some help from Juggernaut Weightlifter Kristin Pope (@kris10pope)

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Jon Mulhern says:

Oly lifters aren’t necessarily stronger. But they’re better athletes bc their training favors mobility and range of motion. Powerlifting favors tightness. But certainly they’re each stronger in their particular lifts.

Rvenomic P Skull Hamartia says:

i really want to get their muscles (the 2 ladies) UGHH

Leo says:

Fuck yes I finally found a comprehensive tutorial on olympic lifts and squats! Man am I excited than ever!

sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

What’s the purpose of this besides bragging rights? Doesn’t build muscle and is dangerous, bad for joints, etc. Why bother, just body build.

Bruce Green says:

This is an awesome instructional video! Thank You

Gregory Burcz says:

So are you kinda bouncing it off your hip to give you more plwer ??

Obsidian1392 says:

She just wants it to look cool? Should’ve kicked her instagram ass out of there and replaced her with someone serious!

This is why we have so many guys/gals doing 40kg snatches and 60kg cleans…

tormado says:

I had no idea Seth Rogen was a Olympic lifting coach

John Becker says:

That girl Kristin Pope is gorgeous!

koskenbloe says:

never realized how hilarious max sounds with 0.5 speed

Nikola Ranisavljevic says:

i just wanna look cool!

Noel Carlo Palabrica says:

@kris10pope is such an angel

Myyoutubecommentschannel says:

How do guys do this without destroying their dicks?

Jonas Svalin says:

Great video. It’s great seeing it taught using both a newer and a more experienced lifter, because seeing the newer lifter struggle shows you more what you might be doing wrong as a beginner.

Tim Blackburn says:

Lil harder.. lil harder.. harder.. much harder.. 2x harder… Mmm harder

Obsidian1392 says:

Helpful tips from Max, though

Only Beast Motivation BeastModeOn says:

Fan Joy says:

Hey guys, this question is for anyone here who is well versed in a bar snatch. Is it possible some people’s arms length could prevent them from actually making contact at the hip crease so instead they connect at the upper thigh Instead?

sliv5sliv says:

Great information, I am working up to this movement after perfecting the dead lift, bench, and squat. No offense to the guy, he def knows his shit but he sounds like he’s completely full of himself.

CC says:

But meg!!! Didn’t you learn how to do this in cross fit?!???!!

Carl Freiermuth says:

I found watching Kristen at half speed in the beginning of this vid very helpful. I think I finally understand the form of the Snatch. Lately it seems I found a sport I enjoy in learning Olympic Weightlifting. Very cool. I was afraid of the Snatch but have been working on the Clean and Jerk. Thank you

encore horror says:

What size barbell?

paulwhite959 says:

I have no coordination; every time I’ve tried any clean I either turn it into a reverse curl or I somehow wind up falling down.

Taylor T says:

Kristin Pope is hella hot..

chris murphy says:

My gym actually put an olympic platform in the corner and I have prior experience snatching but when I saw this at my gym the first time in awhile doing it, I maxed at 105 now im almost 145lbs and heads turn a lot which i like =D

Gonzalo Martin says:

Gracias chicos !!!… Son unos genios

claresbeauty says:

I have so much trouble hitting with my hips ( arms are very long) HELP!!!

Chris Schubauer says:

Kris is like, “Okay. Can I play now?”

mach5jeep says:

I see Meg or Pope, I click. It’s really that simple

Brandon Craddock says:

This is killing me. One video I’m getting contact, the next I’m listening to Dmitry Klokov say that he doesn’t like it…….what the shit guys? What am I missing?

Nikolay Petrov says:

Is that kneeling press at 3:04? Why at the knee?
Aaa, because of the bands to be extended… but doesn’t it stressful on the knee and lower back?

Venoshini Sevalimgam says:

thank you so much for this video. it’s really informative especially for a beginner like myself 🙂

Paul Olmos III says:

Thanks for the video

Donzoao VI says:

This beginners series is helping me so much. Thanks guys

K Reed says:

harder. … harder… for multiple videos in a row

Moa ღ says:

This is so helpful, thanks!

Quilkhak says:

AWESOME training !!! 🙂

Only Beast Motivation BeastModeOn says:

bhavya 28 says:

I tried doing it and the bar hit my nose Fuck !

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