Beginners Guide to Clean & Jerk with MegSquats |

Team Juggernaut Head Weightlifting Coach Max Aita (@max_aita) walks Meg Gallagher (@megsquats) through some training for the Clean & Jerk along with some help from Juggernaut Weightlifter Kristin Pope (@kris10pope)

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K Reed says:

I stayed up until nearly one AM in my living room practicing this in front of my laptop. Metcon shoes and boxer shorts, trying to get that hip pop right.

Erik Nodland says:

Exactly what I was looking for. Cheers!

Debbie Shea says:

This is awesome and I Love Meg’s I can do it affirmations!

DaGr8Won 808 says:

He’s a terrible teacher

Antonio Castañeda says:

if u push the bar with the hips its possible the bar go straight on no very good until up in a good line ?

John Lopez says:

I like how you demonstrate in easy to under stand small steps.  Thanks.

George Johnson says:

The form is garbage.

Michael S. says:

How the hell do they get their elbows out like that. My shoulders are tighttt as a mofo

Shaun Bagz says:

Please watch California strength if you’re serious about cleaning. Not trying to take away from this video, there are good points here but also lacking some. Overall it was somewhat decent. All I have to say is Pendlay.

Lisa Toombs says:

Nooooww I see it lol

pugo says:

I’m trying to learn this exercise but my wrists are so hard and fingers… Also I’m struggling to put the bar on my shoulders, I’m like a robot with no flexibility… Pls help

goochsurfer says:

Those ladies have spectacular legs! They’re ridiculously hot

Hussain Nazari says:

Thanks sir

Martin Fedor says:

Meg sucks – the less Meg the better. She is also a newb at everything except crossfit – she is great at crossfit..

Juke226 says:

In this video they teach that the bar hits the thigh but while watching Olympics and other teaching videos, they still hit the hips like the snatch.

Yarden Yona says:

i like that max doesn’t care about being the most polite person out there and just corrects whenever she needs correcting. road to execellency.

Jens Rahm says:

This was a great video and guide!

Arizona Patriot says:

This is completely different then the way my husband works out. In fact there is no even a place to do this exercise at our gym.

Desean Gibir says:

I really want to learn this as well as the overhead snatch.

Dom says:

found this super informative thanks

prototype9000 says:

i prefer to jerk before i clean

Amber Basara says:

Love this video. Prolly the best beginner video for the clean I have seen by far and of course has amazing women in the video!!

PoppyMusic says:

MAX: What do you think about the jumping que?

Umbrella Corp says:

shes awesome ) helpful

me me big boy says:

I guess women are naturally good at cleaning

Barbell Wizard says:

i know it’s like this with everyone, gotta keep on em to stop continually making the same mistakes, but damn can it be tedious to watch. Still some interesting bits tho, especially the last 8 minutes or so.

BingBongFitness says:

“I hear the thing”… funny hehe

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