A Beginner’s Guide To CrossFit

Quick little video to help those of you interested in CrossFit but intimidated by where to start and all the weird words.

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Yvonne Alvarez says:

Amazing video!

Disk Skaldic says:

can you come to seattle and check out crossfit loft?

HerbsBucha says:

How many times a week/a day you workout? I remember you said you spend 3hours per day in gym sometimes. Isn’t WOD always kinda short? What else do you do there?

pranav singhal says:

What if you live in India and don’t have a box

Ingeborg Roos says:

Next should be “an intermediate’s guide to crossfit” ^^ what are things you know now you would’ve found helpful at 1 year of crossfit? Or, what made you progress in certain areas? Do YOU notice a difference with nutrition? Tips or tricks? 🙂 when did you start training as often as you do now? How do you stay injury free? Pleaaase? 🙂

Taelor Mae Jones says:

I’ve always loved the idea of crossfit. But I can’t even jog across the street without weezing. I can walk a long time, other than that I’m horrible

Daxmaster Allen says:

You are very beautiful Jordan

Benches 400 At 50 says:

Sunday entertainment: walking dead, bobs burgers and jacked like Jordan.

Lauren Gaudet says:

I got out of crossfit when i left home for school but every time i see your videos, it makes me miss it so much! So excited to get back

89kaitlyn says:

I love this video. I just want to point out that it’s normal to get nervous for some workouts, everyone does, I find it funny when some workouts will really make me nervous, usually when there’s high volume wallballs lol. I also want to point out that the sand bag terms and stuff aren’t common, I’ve never actually found gyms to be judgemental. People usually have their heads down doing their own work and don’t really care what the person beside them is doing. If you don’t want to be competitive, you don’t have to be.

Lexi Vranick says:

Thank you for this, Jordan! I’m meeting with a CrossFit coach for the first time this week and this really calmed my nerves.

Amanda Nolan says:

Jordan, could you please do another video comparing crossfit to other workouts? Also could you address some of the concerns people have with crossfit? I’ve heard about a lot of people getting injured, because some of the moves are dangerous and overall crossfit is very hard on the joints.

Jordynn Velez says:

Why is Crossfit so expensive??

isa r says:

i’ve been doing a little bit of crossfit with my personal trainer, and i think me and my dad are going to an introduction course soon. i’m really enjoying it so far and this video made it so much easier to understand everything! also your channel totally motivates me to start with crossfit, hopefully i’ll like it just as much when i get started !

Bianca Gran says:

This is super true! I was obese and had ZERO knowledge in lifting, gymnastics, or anything (aside from cardio) when I started. 8 months passed and now I just qualified on my first Crossfit competition EVER. PRs and skills we’re unlocked like BAM BAM BAM! There is no secret to improving. You just really have to show up and do it. ❤️

Kat Macie says:

I wish we had a crossfit gym near me.. Not a single one!

Ron Britt says:

so friggin dope!!! 🙂

Maya MPC says:

do the Alexis Ren´s 10 min ab workout 🙂

Fabienne El Chayeb says:

How long have you been doing Crossfit and how long did it take you to get your first ring muscle up?

Billy Sou says:

I think I went to a good box. In fact, the staff at the box that I went to did not want to put us into the rest of the group. There is a dedicated beginner’s program. In fact, it is a 7 session plan.

Sara Scott says:

Hi! Love your videos. I have some friends who love CrossFit, but they are in much better shape and already had a good workout routine before starting CrossFit. I know you say CrossFit is for everyone but is it even for someone who has a lot of weight to lose and can’t yet do a proper push-up or a pull up or even run a mile?

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