10 Crossfit moves you need to add to you workout! (Beginner friendly!) You guys know that i am absolutely loving Crossfit but that i also love to workout at the gym. These are my current favourite Crossfit moves which i am combining into my Bodybuilding routines when in the gym! Everything is written below for you to screenshot and i’ve even suggested some rep-ranges. For more inspiration or full routines to follow head to my Instagram where i post daily follow-along workouts! Don’t forget to click subscribe if you enjoyed this video!

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E X E R C I S E S:

1. Wall Balls.

2. Burpees sets.

3. Deadlifts

4. Box Jumps

5. Skipping:

6. Plate Squat Press

7. Tricep Incline Pushups

8. Kettlebell Swings:

9. Toes to Bar:

10. Weighted Ab Crunches

Beginners opt for around 10 reps of each exercise, 3 sets in total.

Intermediate opt for around 15 – 20 reps o each exercise, x 3 to 4 sets in total.

Hardcore opt for around 20 – 30 reps of each exercise, 4 to 5 sets in total.

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F A Q ‘ s

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A: I use natural lighting and a softbox light: (http://rstyle.me/~4na6a)
What editing software do you use?
A: iMovie and Final Cut Pro


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Julian Brooks says:

I’m the guy who you meet on the train can u follow me on instagram @julianbrooks


This is awesome, just as I was getting bored of my circuits! Thank yooooou Carly X

Jennifer Clarke says:

Carly want to try a challenge at another crossfit box not far from you in eye Suffolk https://youtu.be/o2vNdEs9k5A give it a look x

Sarah M says:

I used to do a kettlebell class and was always told to go up a weight if you swung it above face height/horizontal, everyone seems to swing well up over their head when using them in crossfit, any particular reason?

laurenrianna07 says:

Congratulations on your e-book, I’m super excited to read it! Can you tell me where I can get it from please? The link the description takes me to another YouTube video. Thanks!

ItsME! says:

hi Carly! I love your channel 🙂 Can you please do a video on whats going to be in your ebook e.g. will there be workouts/meal plans?
I love that you’ve written a book but I want to know whats in it before I buy it.
Thanks xxx

Bryan Tee says:

I really like this video. I like how this workout requires literally no gym equipment besides the gym ball. And the explanations are clear. Liked and subscribed. Mind checking out my YouTube video as well?

Mehri Yazhanova says:

Hi Carly! How many hours do you train non-stop? I sometimes train 3 hours non-stop after which I am feeling exhausted (ps I do classes such as circuits, LBT and boxing). Do you think 3 hrs is too much? I love your videos xxx

Julian Brooks says:


P Jakobsen says:

Do you add any rotational exercises to your workouts? I find that when I lift boxes out of trucks, through doorways, shovel snow, and move stuff around in my daily work that I’m often twisting, turning, and generally being off balance a bit, and my back feels weak in those points in spite of doing crossfit. Any suggestions to make training more functional for day to day life.

Kim Ambrose says:

you always have such great advice! and side note: your but is looking extra lifted.

Dawn Broadbent says:

Carly, I incorporated wall balls, tricep incline pushups, toes to bar, and weighted ab crunches into my gym sesh this morning. However, the biggest accomplishment is that, 5 months on from surgery on my hip I tried 2 x 25 box jumps for the first time since my injury – I am sure my form was probably quite poor but I am just massively proud that I got over my fear and finally did box jumps! Thanks for the encouragement x

Louise Shurey says:

I like the T2B movment! have been doing crossfit for a while now but still cant get those pesky T2B on the rig…. will try your way and see if it helps for progression!! 🙂 xx

regie b says:

her deadlift is a romanian deadlift

Possum Jack says:

Oh thank you very much…so happy I’ve discovered your videos!!!!!

Natalya Rooney says:

Really love this video! Good refresher because my workouts were starting to get a little boring haha 🙂

Suzanne3010 says:

Thanks for this is Miss Carli hard workouts but I will definitely give them a shot once I start going back to the gym I need this.

velvet ward says:

sammi brought me here…just subscribed

Aamna Wasim says:

“We’re super strong more strong then you realise” thank you so much for motivating me

Squats and Salads says:

found this super useful! Especially how to hold the bar for deadlifts! I cannot stop looking at your abs! Love a video on how to build up muscle on your stomach!!

Julie Shaw says:

Yassssss! Love this video! Would love to see a more detailed video on deadlifts! I can never get the form right when it comes to stance, hand grip and what a straight back vs non straight back looks like!

rick m says:

your eyes are sooo beautiful ..

NickaPaulo says:

I still can’t do weighted sit ups but for me, it’s easier when my legs are less bent but that might mean I have different core muscles strengthened. So I’m all for the changing it up every 4 weeks =D Great video and I need to try those kettlebell thrusts. Have a beautiful day <3

Julian Brooks says:

Hi I’m the guy who you meet on the train to London

Meg Charla says:

I love box jumps! Failing once and catching my shins actually helped my confidence because now I’m not scared of failing any more and put my full effort in without hesitation haha

Everyday Starlet says:

I’ve never done crossfit but I need to try some of these exercises!

Nicolas Fleron says:

Your affiliate links are broken. all of them – at least to me…
BR Nic

beautyplayground says:

I never thought I’d say it but I LOVE burpees! But then again I can’t stand planks. 😀

purplechildable says:

Music from the beginning?

Megan Glacken says:

Can you just come to Australia so I can meet you a d we can do a crazy workout followed by coffee or a cocktail.
You are amazing

Tania Vasquez says:

Hi Carly ! I have a pretty lean upper body, but have pretty big hips were I accumulate all my fat in my inner/ outer thighs. Do you think that HIIT is an efficient way for me to “lean” out ? I want to decrease the size of my thighs but keep the muscle I have.
Thanks !!

Jocelyn Skinner says:

Thankyou so much for this! So excited to try these, and so proud of you for the release of your book! I’ve been following you for a few the past 2 years now and you really are so inspiring! Xxx

Rhiannon Annandale says:

I would love to know how you got into personal training. I’m thinking of going that way in my career and would love some advice about how to do/what to look for in a course.

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