(06/15) KLOKOV – Snatch: Common Technique Errors [Weightlifting Guide w/ Dmitry Klokov]


Дмитрий Иванович Шилов says:

Деньги делают все

Jeremy Grothe says:

“It’s different for everyone” “..no”

Ezra Getachew says:

true professional explaining …

ashley sefton says:


Omar M says:

that was REALLY GOOD .. very educational very helpful

Дмитрий Иванович Шилов says:

За деньги все сосут

Stefan Cupovic says:

3:36 what a slav lol

Anderson C says:

Getting trained by a name like Demitri Klokov…HUGE advantage. Any time any one gets that kind of high-level coaching. Makes all the difference. A champion vs a wannebe coach.

Bob LeBruneh says:

So glad I watched this.

StayPremiium says:

thanks so much for the english dima!

Дмитрий Иванович Шилов says:

Даже Клоков

SKOOKM says:

We got to see some Russian snatch.

Lu Tze says:

Are you the real trappy chan ??

Will Lowe says:

for some reason i’m craving vodka.

Erik Westerveld says:

OMG I didn’t know his english was so good!

Bruceolini and his big weenie says:

no jump too ćai

:( says:

Im amazed by how smoothly he moves and balances his body while squatting.
True slav

Anthony Rodriguez says:

Dude sounds a bit like Wanderlei Silva

Alex Cheng says:

That WHAAAOOOP! cracks me up all the time lol, it’s almost like he’s mocking them but no that’s just him trying to express it’s too excessive. Just pure gold though his advices.

Никита Иванов says:

Guys this WHAOP like you say means this/that or whoop:))))

Max Evans says:

Is this vitalyzdtv?

Аслан 777 says:

ужасный английский

Abner Light says:

Beginners and Crossfit?:D

Raul Boening says:

Boris gopnik award huehuehue

Resolute Fitness says:

Amazing love this, anyone thats seen my snatch videos knows I need all the help I can get.

ferna2294 says:

Does he wear the knee wraps 24/7?

James Wang says:


Fia Darke says:

Klokov so fkn flexible.

Brian Maldonado says:

“This is slight”

Michael Hutchinson says:

That clip exercise is awesome, many thanks!

Ivan Prihhodko says:

1000 pounds of Russian charisma.

OlyLifter86 Davie Florida says:


Mauricio Fretes says:

It nobody gonna mention how he picked those 40kg with one arm like it was a pvc pipe at 2:02?

Harry Singh says:

Great man

Ricky Le says:

7:08 sad Klokov snatches

Sergeant Sausage says:

He laughed when he said crossfit lmao

David Torres says:

He picked up the barbell with two fingers like it was a paper clip

shitockymushroom says:

you cont fffffeeel barbell yes? LOL I love you Klokov

faberho says:

You cant feel barbell

PostScriptum says:

Какой шикарный английский! Мутко нервно кусает локти.


3:40 Słowiański przykuc

Jen Manalaysay says:

This is awesome stuff. Klokov is an excellent coach.

Юрген Клоп says:

3:40 Caucasians in Russian known for this sitting position )))

Chris M says:

I’m so glad this man took the time and effort to do this in english. So many brilliant russian athletes have so much to teach but the language barrier stops them.

Александр Мотузов says:

I wish I could speak English as confidently as him, without having to worry about mistakes I make

Jhoan Caraballo says:

claro entiendo perfectamente

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